An overview of the Educational changes adopted to meet the continual expansion and development of the town from the 1800xs to 1950xs.
Information on the history of the schools from the different parishes: i.e. High Street Schools; Bletchley Road Schools, Old Bletchley CoE School, Holne Chase School; Water Eaton Schools; Dunmore College; Elmers School; Bletchley Grammar School; Leon School, Knowles School; etc.
These log books, of Bletchley Road Infants-Junior School/ Bletchley Road Council Girlsx School/ Leon County Junior School/ Knowles County Middle School written from 1909 to 1987, with a gap of 20 years (1945-1965) are a record of the activities held in this school building.
School photos taken from the turn of the century to current times. A selection of these can be viewed; clicking the links also gives the opportunity to help in identifying classmates, teachers, buildings and events, etc. More photos will be added on a regular basis so please return again.
Discover what different Bletchley schools meant to other children. Share their recollections of their own schooldays.
See what effect the influx of evacuees had on the schools and families of the town. Read too, how the evacuated schools interacted with the established schools.
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