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Wolverton - History On Our Doorstep
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Hovis Sign

Wolverton Society for Arts and Heritage

To the casual observer the railway town of Wolverton, now part of the new city of Milton Keynes, is an ugly anachronism - a northern style company town set in the middle of the Buckinghamshire countryside. Even the most loyal local resident would have to admit that it’s not a beautiful place.

But residents and national experts are beginning to realise the value of this place where, within a very compact area, you can see that nearly all the ingredients of the first specially designed railway town in the world have survived.

The historical importance of the town has been recognised by its acquisition of Conservation Area status.

Thanks to a grant from the Local Heritage Initiative to the Wolverton Society for Arts & Heritage, local residents have been able to research the town’s industrial heritage and the history of their own houses. A characterisation study and Town Design Statement have also been produced and a 'Style Guide' celebrating the town’s architecture has been produced in booklet form and distributed free to every house in the Conservation Area. This website has drawn on elements from all of that work.

We hope that you enjoy this virtual tour - enough to come and visit us and see it at first hand! Choose from looking at individual House Histories, reading our Style Guide - From Chimney Pots to Bootscapers or our guide about Wolverton's Industrial Archaeology - From Aqueduct to Viaduct also you can see the Character Study of the town. There is also a page of Useful Links.