Burying the Hatchet

Sherington Historical Society

In 1935 the rivalry and bitterness between two university towns, Oxford and Cambridge, had reached such a pitch that physical attacks were being made on each other. So a halt to bitterness had to be called.

A spot, equidistant between the two university towns was found, it was the village green at Sherington.

On Sunday February 24th 1935 representatives from the two universities met on Sherington’s Knoll, by the village pump. A Latin prayer was read, then the four editors from the respective university magazines, namely Isis, Cherwell, Greensman and Granta read a speech. A dove of peace was released and water from the pump was washed over the university papers – to wash away the bitterness.

A brief newsreel of the ceremony can be viewed online.

Oxford and Cambridge students bury the hatchet