The Review  --  How it affects you

If you own a house within a conservation area estate agents will, in general, advise that a premium can be achieved of between 3% and 5% above the value of an identical house outside the conservation area. In Deanshanger this could typically be between £3,000 and £12,000
Houses in a conservation area are generally more sought after because it is expected that they will reflect their status in the historic past of the village.
Part of the attraction of buying a house in the conservation area is that the local authority publish a list of environmental improvements that it will aim to implement, as and when funding can be made available, or when new developments are  submitted the design will need to reflect the aims of maintaining and improving the conservation area.
Conservation area status is reviewed every 5 years and whilst the Heritage Society and the Parish Council have convinced the Local Authority Heritage officers of the merits of adding High Street, and Willow Green to the other proposed areas in Deanshanger, should too many detrimental alterations be carried out, which diminish the character of the buildings, the next review could see a more negative approach from the Heritage Officers.
To promote the sympathetic renovation of buildings the planning authority have, in Deanshanger, approved an Article 4, (2) directive, for buildings in the conservation area. This is a seperate piece of legislation which requires property owners to apply for planning consent before they make alterations to the exterior of their property which will affect the character. The idea being that changes to the exteriors, windows, doors, roof claddings, exterior coatings etc. can be evaluated, with the heritage officers and the property owner, to try and improve the historic qualities and the unique character of the buildings within the conservation area. There are also a number of guidance booklets available free of charge which explain the local authority policy on various aspects of heritage and preservation.
This type of planning application is free to houseowners within the conservation area, as is the advice available from the Heritage Officers at South Northants District Council, the responsible authority.
Their address is Planning Dept, SNDC, Springfield, Towcester NN12 6AE
Heritage Dept. Direct Line 01327-322263
The Heritage Society plans to design a HERITAGE TRAIL around the conservation area giving the historic background to the village and creating an educational resourse for the schools.
If you would like to join us in helping to develop and maintain the conservation area, or any other aspect of the societies involvement, please email your details. Name and Telephone number to the email address below