Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWf: 51/161

Richard Bluck 1683
Memorandum That upon or about the two and twentyth of March in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Six hundred Eighty and two according to the Computation of the Church of England Richard Bluck late of Little Linford of the Archdeaconry of Bucks Labourer deceased being sick of a Distemper whereof he shortly after dyed but in perfect sense memory and understanding with a full purpose and Intent to make his last will and Testament did in the presence of Henry Barker John Bluck and Elizabeth Barker the wife of Henry Barker publish utter and declare his last will and Testament Nuncupative or by word of mouth about a weeke before his death in words and speeches to this effect and purpose following (to witt) That he did give and bequeath unto Stephen Bluck Martha Bluck and Joane Bluck his children to each and every one of them the Sume of Ten pounds to be paid to them at the next Lady day twelve month after this his declaracon, and he did declare that if his said three children had noe Occupation for their money soe soone that then his wife Elizabeth Bluck whom he did order and appoint to pay the same should keep it still in her hands till they had Occasion for it shee paying Thirty shillings to them every yeare after the lady day aforesaid, for soe long tyme as shee kept the same in her hands, but when his said three had occasion for the same then he did will and desire that it should at any tyme be payd after the said Lady day aforesaid And all the Rest of his goods and chattels he did will and bequeath unto the said Elizabeth his wife after the said thirty pounds were payd. These or the like words he did at the house of habitation in little linford above said in the presence of the above said wittnesses publish utter and declare that this was his last will and testament and that it should stand for his last will and Testament Nuncupative and did bid the said witnesses declare wittnesse that this was his will or used words to the like effect

henery Barkeer
John Bluck
Elizabethe [her mark] Barker

Probate 16 October 1683