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William Ellys 1581
In the name of god amen ye xxix [29th] day of January I William Ellys of Lynford Parva sycke in body but of whole in mynde Larde and prayse be to god doe make thys my laste wyll and testament in maner and forme followynge that is to saye fyrste I bequeathe my soule to almighty god my maker and redeemer and my body to be buryed in ye paryshe churche yearde of Haversham I bequeathe to ye belles of Havesham xxd Item I geve to Nycholas my sonne one browne Cowe at ye age of xij yeares to have hyr Item one blacke Ewe with lambe Item I geve to margery one Calfe a wayner and a cowe calfe which if it doe not prove thys yeare to have one ye next yeare Item I geve to Margery and Joone one panne which the mother of them brought between them Item I geve to margery one Coffer Item I geve to margery one pewterdyshe and one Candellsticke Item I geve to ye sayde margery xs in monay to be payde within iiij yeares after my dissease Item I geve to Joone my daughter one blacke herfer to be delivered at ye age of xx yeares I[tem] one coffer which was hyr mothers Item I geve to my margery and Joone my daughters one Roode of wheate lyyng one shortland Item to Joone one pewterdyshe and a sawcer Item I geve to Jhon my sonne one greate potte and ye greate panne which came from ye myll ye candellstick which came from lathebury ye greateste Coffer one bedstead and one pare of sheetes Item I wyll that my sonne Jhon shall have one acre of land yearly to be tylled he hymselfe fyndinge ye seede solonge as he serveth his Mother I[tem] ye wynteryng and sumeryng of vj sheepe solong as his mother and he continue and abyde togather Item xxvjs viijd by ye yeare so longe as he serveth his sayde mother my wyfe Item I geve to thomas my sonne one Coffer and ye greatest pot nexte unto Jones pot and one bedsteade and a paire of sheetes and ij Roodes of peese lyyng agaynst Thomas gylbartes halfe acre Item I wyll that my wife sall paye xxs to my sonne Nycholas at ye day of hyr next marry age or at ye age of xxj yeares if she do not marry Item I geve to my sonne Rychard xxs to be payde in like manner as ye other is next above Item I geve to Agnes my daughter xxs to be payde in like manner Item to Anne my daughter xxs to be payde in like manner Item I geve to Margaret my daughter one halfe acre of barley and one Calfe to be weaned be delyvered att ye age of vij weekes olde Item I geve to ye churche of linforde parva xxd Item I geve to ye bridge xxd Item I geve to Wyllyam martyn and rychard Smythe my supervisors xxd betwixt them Item I make alys my wife my full and whole executor and she payyng my debtes and performynge my legaysyes I geve unto ye sayde alys my wife all my goodes and cattell quicke and dead moveable and unmoveable which are unbequeathed in fielde and toune Thus leavinge in good memory I have set to my seale in ye presence of Wyllyam martyn and Rychard Smythe my supervisors and Henry Denton Clarke

Probate April 1581