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William Hodgeken 1559
In the name of god amen the xxth day of January the yere of our Lord god 1558 I William Hogeken of Linford Parva hole of mynde and good remembrance prayse be unto almightie god make this my Laste will and testament in manner and forme following ffirst I commend my soule unto almightie god my maker and redemer and my body to be buryd within the churche yard of newport Item I beqth every cotage within Linford Pava a pek of barley Item to the mother Churche of Lincoln ijd Item I beqth to the reparations of the chapall of Linford on bushel of barley Item to the brige of Linford Parva on bushel of barley Item I geve and beqth unto my son John hodgeken all my tenements with all the appurtenances sytuatt and being in the Vilage parishe and feldes of newport Pagnell in lemarche and to him and his heyres for ever and I will Katheryne my wife shall have the occupying and use of the sayd tenement to suche tyme as my son come to the age of xxj yeres and if it fortune not my sayd son not to Live to he come to his Lawfullage I will that then the sayd Tenement shalbe Devyded among my doughters that is to say unto Joane Margaret and Alis hadgekyns after the decease of my Wife item I beqth unto my fower children that is to saye John my son and Joane my doughter Margaret and Alis iiij quarters of barley to be payed forth be my wife Item I beqth unto John my son a black stere Item to Joane my doughter a black hefer Item to Margaret my doughter ared heifer the better of the twayne Item to Alis tother red heifer Item to every one of my children aplater Item I beqth to my sonne John agreate bras pott Item to John [Joan] my doughter a Ketell Item to Margaret and Alis my daughters to eche of them A bras pott Item to eche of my children apayre of shetes Item I beqth to my sonne John the best ma[.].felyd and to my doughter Joane the nexte felyd and to Margaret the worste felyd Item as it fortune any of my sayd children to departe or they Come to ther Lawfull age I will ther partes so remayne to those which remayne alive The residue of my goodes thes my legacies and bequest therfor med I geve and beqth unto Katherine my wif who I make my hole executrix of this my laste will and testament and I make the overseers for the performance of this my laste will William Ellis and William spenser I Will them for ther paynes viijd apece witness hereof William Ellis William Spenser Henry Smythe

Probate xvj February 1559/60