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Thomas Hoggekins 1559
In the name of god Amen ye xxth day of maye in the yere of our Lord god 1559 I Thomas Hoggekins of Linforde Parva within ye Diocese of Lincoln husbandman do make this my present testament and laste will in manner and forme followinge that is to say ffirst I beqth my soule unto ye grete mercie of god my maker and redeemer who pardeneth all Christen soules that do departe in the faythe of Christe and my bodie to be buried in the churchyarde of Haversham Item I geve and beqth unto the mother church of Lincoln ijd Item I beqth to ye parish church of Linforde Parva for the reparacions ijs Item I geve and bequth to Linforde Parva Brige xxd Item I geve and bequth to ye poore people of Linforde Parva xijd Item I geve and bequth to Antonie my sonne my lande in Ealcat ffelde with ye apputenances thereto belonginge which is viij acres and a halfe and iiij beaste which shall be ij kyne and ij hecfers and vj shepe and iij payre of shets The residue of all my goods Kattall howseholde stuffe and suche other lyke as moveables and unmovables ungevin and unbequethed I geve and bequeath unto Agnes my wife and with my sonne to be equally divided betwexte them and they to occupie together until my sonne William be of lawfull age and of good discression and I make Agnes my Wife and William my sone my full executors to performe this my present testament and laste will The supervisors of this present testament and laste will I desire and require William Elles and Sir John glover preste The witnesses is William Elles and Jhon shefforde with other

Probate xxij June 1559