Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWf: 47/88

Jone Marratt 1672
In the Name of God Amen; this Ninth Day off ffebruary in the yeare off our Lord God one thousand Six hundred seaveenty I Jone Marratt wife to Thomas Marratt off Little linford in the Countie off Bucks Maltster being weake in body but off good and perfect memory and remembrance praysed be Almighty God ffor the Same Doe here with my husbands Consent make my Last will and testament in Manner and fforme following, that is to Say ffirst I Comitt my Soule into the hands off Allmighty God who gave it me, and my body to the Earth ffrom whence it was Taken and that ffor that Litle earthly Substance which I Cam [came] by me, and ffrom my relations with my husbands Consent as affore said I dispose off as ffolloweth: Imprimis, I give and bequeath unto my Loveing husband Thomas Marratt that Cottage or tenement Scituate and being in the parish of Great linford in the Countie aforesaid with outhouses barnes Stables Couhouse yarde gardins orchards and al other Appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise Appartaineing, unto my afforesaid husband dureing his Naturall Life; Item I give and bequeath unto my Cossan Sarah Blee daughter of my brother John Blee deceased, the afforesaid Cottage or tenement with the all Appurtenances there to belonging, after the decease of her Ounckell to her and her heires ffor Ever; and if it Shall please god that she depart this Life without Isshue Lawfully begotten of her body: then my will and minde Is that the afforesaid Cottage or tenement with appurtenances thereunto belonging shall Immediately ffall to my Cousan Winifruitt Blee and to her heires ffor ever: And ffor want off heires off Either of theire bodies Lawfully begotten then to my Cousan William Blee Sonn of my brother John Blee afforesaid and to his heires ffor ever ffurther my will and minde is that if it Shall please god that my two Kinswomen Sarah and Winifruitt Line to Enjoy the afforesaid Cottage or tenement, then I will that, my Cousan Sarah Shall pay out of the afforesaid Cottage or tenement the Just Some off Twelve pounds off Currant Eniglish Money to her Sister Winifruitt at Two severall payments that is to Say the one half or Moetie when Winiffruitt shall Accomplish the ffull Age off one and twenty yeares provoyded that Sarah be then possessed off the Same, and the other halfe or Moettie one whole yeare next affter: but if neither off them be possessed thereof at there severall Ages of one and twenty then my Will and minde is that the afforesaid some of twelve pounds nor the ffirst payment there of Shall not be paid untill on whole yeare affter she is possessed off the Same, Item I make and ordaine and appoynt with his Consent my Loveing husband; Thomas Marratt My Executor off this My Last Will and testament and request my trustie and welbeloved ffrinds and neighbours John Kent and John Ruffhead both of Great linford to be overseers of this my Last Will thus revoaking all other wills and testaments; In Wittness whereoff I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale the Day and yeare ffirst above written

the marke of Jone Marratt

the marke of Thomas T Marratt

Signed Sealed and published with her husbands consent and bond ffor the performance here off in the presence off us

John Kent
The marke of Marie Henssun
John: Battison

Probate 12 October 1672