Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 51/141 DAWf: 65/22

John Mills 1711
In the Name of God Amen I John Mills of Little Linford in the County of Buckingham Blacksmith being of Sound Mind and Memory doe make this my last Will and Testament: I humbly resigne my soule to Almighty God hoping through his Mercy and the Merritts of my blessed Saviour for everlasting happiness I desire my body may be buryed where my deare wifes was as near as may be and in the same Manner The worldly Estate God hath blessed me with I give and bequeath in Manner following ffirst I give and bequeath to my Daughter Roberts forty shillings and to each of her sonns William James and John five shillings Item I give to her Daughter Elizabeth five shillings and to her Daughter Mary tenn shillings Item I give to my Daughter Mills twenty shillings Item I give to my Brother Mills five shillings and to my sister Bell five shillings Item I give to my Grandson ffrancis Keitly the summe of five pounds and all my wearing Cloaths both Linnen and Woollen and all the household goods that were his Mothers Item I give to my Grandaughter Mary Roberts the pewter plate or dish that was given to me by my Cozen Panter Item I will that my son James Mills doe pay all my debts and the Charge of my buryall and I doe give to my said son James all the rest and residue of my Estate and doe make him Executor of this my last Will and Testament: Witnesse my hand and seale this Twelfth day of July Anno Domini 1708. John Mills his marke Sarah Ireland Lawrence Hammont William ffarlo. I doe hereby give to my Grandson ffrancis Keitly above named the summe of four pounds over and above the five pounds above given to him soe that in all I give him the summe of Nine pounds and do hereby Will and appoint that my former Will above written do stand and be performed in other Matters as my last Will and Testament: witnesse my hand this Nineteenth day of November Anno Domini 1709. Lawrence Hammont Thomas King William ffarlo

Probate 30 May 1711