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Isabell Parker 1543
In ye name of god amen in ye yere of our lorde god 1543 ye xxvth day of aprell I Isabell parker of lytle lynford hole of mynde and of good memorie thanks be to god never ye lesse syke in my bodie make my will in forme folowing first y bequeath my soule to almighti god to our lady sainte marie and all ye company of heven my body to be Burye in ye churchyard of Newport Pagnell also y bequeath to ye mother church of Lincoln ijd also to ye bells of Newporte aforesaid viijd also to ye belles of litle lynford viijd also y geve and bequeth to William Parker my son those parcacelle [parcels] folowinge that is to say a cofer halfe a dosen of pewter vesell a pott and a panne ij payre of sheets Also y bequeth to thomas Travell a bulloke a uewe and a lame Also y bequeth to Isbell Travell my god daughter a Bulloke a uewe and a lame and ij platters Also y bequeth annes Travell a uewe and a lame and a platter dyshe also to margaret Travell a uewe and a lame and a pewter dyshe also to Anthony Parker a lame to geffry parker a lame and to William Parker aforesaid ye Resydu of my shepe my funeral expenses dyschargyd ye Resydu of my goodes not geven nore bequethyd y geve and bequethe to geffry travel and John [Joan] my doughter to dystribute for ye wellth of my soule where they shal think beste moste necessariey which Geffrey y make and ordayne my executor alone to se this my laste will to be done and perfomed thes Witnesses John Wode Parson of Gethurste William Hankyns William Esyus William Ellys with other men

Probate xxvij July 1543

Inventory xxiijl vijs ixd