Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 3 293

Richard Parker 1538
In dei nomie Amen the xvij day of June Ano dim 1538 I Richard Parker of litle linforde hole of minde make my last Will in this manner followyth first I bequeth my soule to allmighti god and my bode to be bured in the church yarde of peter and poll of newport pannell Allso I bequeth to the high aulter in linford aforesaid iiijd Item to the mother church of Lincoln ijd Item I bequeth to the sepulchre light in linford xijd Item to the same church ij torchis the p’c vs Item I bequeth to newport church iijs iiijd item I bequeth to lathbury church xvjd Item I bequeath to linford brige ij strike of barley Item I bequeth to William Parker my sone x marke in ware and money Item I will that Isabell my wife and gefferi travel my son in lawe to have my endenture for the space of my yers yf hit be so that she doo marry I will that Isabell my wife and geffery Travell have hit to dispose for my soule and all christian soules The which Isabell and geffery I make my executors and John Parker mi brother overseer witness William Collin William Parker Edmunde Ellis Richard Sharpe