Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWf: 6 224

Richard Peeke 1565
In dei nominie the xij daye of februarye in the yeare of our lorde god 1564 I rycharde peeke of lytile lynford beinge of hole mynde And good memorye laud and prayse be unto Allmyghty God doe make And ordayne this my present Wyll And testyment In manner and forme folowyng fyrst I bequethe my soule to Allmyghtye God my maker Creator and redemer And my body to be buryed in the paryshe churche yearde of muche lynford Item I geve and bequeth to Elyzabethe gylbert halfe A boshell of malt Item to Crystofor Eddes halfe A boshell of malt Item gryffyn rychardson iiijd Item Jhon Wooddell iiijd Item Jhon Smythe iiijd Item Thomas gylbert [iiijd] Item I geve unto margaret hoke one ewe and lamb missing Wylliam hoke one bullocke of last yeare Item I geve unto the brydges iij boshelles of malte Item I geve unto missing cockes in muche lynforde ijs Item I geve unto missing hodgkyne and Antonye hodgkyne halfe one hovel of barley to be devyded betwyne them by my wyfe Item I geve unto my brother florence peeke xxs and one Acoor of tylth on the mydle forlonge serven for him with one halfe Acoor of peese in lyke manner Item to my brother robert peeke one ewe and lambe Item to my mayde servant A lambe Item I geve unto Thomas my sonne my byggest yocke of oxen to be kepte And solde to the most Advantage And that my wyfe shall have the occupying of the same monney And to pay yt unto my sonne Thomas at xiiij yeares of ages the rest of my goodes my dettes payde And those my legoces fulfylled I geve and bequeth unto Agnyse my wyfe and my thre chyldren whom I make myne executores of this my last wyll my wife to have the one halfe and my children to have the other halfe provyded All wayes that yf Any of my chyldren Doo dye before xiiij yeares of Age I Wyll that his or her stocke soo departyng to remayne unto the rest of my chyldren yf they All dye to remayne unto my wyfe

Overseers Andrew Knyght and Thomas Hanle they to have for there paynes iijs iiijd

Wyttnesses Andrew Knyght thomas gayll Sir Jhon Read florence peeke

Probate 1564 xxij day April