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Geoffrey Travel 1558
In the name of god amen the Laste day of september in the yere of our lord god 1558 I greffrey Travel of Lynford Parva within the diocese of Lincoln hole of mynd and in good remembrance Lowd and praise be unto almyghtie god Do make this my presente testament and laste will in manner in manner and forme folowing ffirste I beqth my soule unto almightie god my maker and redemer and my body to be buryd within the church yard of Haversham Item I beqth unto the mother churche of Lincoln ijd Item I beqth unto my sonnes Rychard Robert William and John Travell the younger to every of them twentie poundes Item I beqth to each of my fower daughters Agnes Isabell Mary and Anne Travell xxti markes apece and if any of thes my foresaid children departe the world or they come to lawfull age m. be…. I will his or her portion so departing to be devyded my children remayning alive The rest of my goodes ungeven I geve and beqth unto my sonne Thomas and John Travell thelder whom I make my executors of This my laste will and testament Item I will that my ij sonnes thomas and John thelder whom I make executors to fynd thother of my foresaid children sufficient meate and drinke with other necesseries to use them hareshley and if thes my sayd sonnes parte to the scole and entend to be … of religion I will my executors to fynd him or them at the scole unto they come to the age of xxti yeres bordeing and keeping the said scolers at who. with them and no further th.. and if it fortune any of my said children to study and lerne in oxford or cambrige then I will …. so doing not to burden my said executors but to find them selves of ther expences and I will …. of my said children as well daughters as so … Do juste and Diligent service unto my executors and to be ruled and ordered as they shall think and I will my said executors shaldeliver unto my sayd children ther portions at ther Lawfull Age and good dyscrecion and I make supervisors and overseers of this my laste will and testament my brother alexander and my brother John Travell witness J Glover priest William hodgekyns William Elles

Probate 1558 xxiij November