NameRankNo.UnitDate of deathNotesMore?
ABBOTT, George ArthurL.Cpl2665931/1st Buckinghamshire Btn Oxf&Bucks LI15.06.1918More information
ABBOTT, Sidney MontagueL.Cpl203930Oxf&Bucks LIMore information
ALLEN, Horace HarveyPte136820Royal EngineersMore information
ALLEN, Horace Harvey3855617th Hampshire Rgtsee above
ANSELL, G J4207Oxf&Bucks LIMore information
ANSELL, John JosephPte13876Wiltshire RgtMore information
BAKER, Joseph JohnCplH2051581/1st Royal Bucks HussarsMore information</a
BARNARD, Alice VADHanover Park Hospital, LondonMore information
BATES, ErnestPte133277th O&BLIMore information
BATES, HaroldPte24357Oxf&Bucks LI04.10.1917More information
BATES, Harold346911st Duke Cornwall's LIsee above
BEEBY, ReginaldPte39540King's Rifle Regiment & 9th London Rgt?Came to Hanslope after war?
BEEBY, Reginald4th London RgtSee above
BEEBY, ReginaldG/81317/2839734th London RgtSee above
BEESLEY, WalterTrper2163Brigade of Guards - ColdstreamMore information
BEESLEY, WalterPte23594396 Ag Co LCsee above
BIRCH, WilliamSgtL/1595Royal Fusiliers
BIRCH, WilliamPoss. 9689Royal Field Artillerysee above
BORRETT, Claude AmitCaptainPJ? 45566Royal Flying Corps (RAF)More information
BORRETT, Jack TuthillLt CommHMS Greenwich & othersMore information
BRANSON, EdwinPteM2/080435Royal Army Service Corps Also: Royal West Kent Rgt?More information
BRITTEN, William JohnPte19141; 121252; 638743 RFA; RAMC; 574 Agric. Corps More information
BRITTON, Henry Samuel203035, 6979Oxf&Bucks LI 4th (Reserve) BtnMore information
BRITTON, Henry Samuel2545611th Queen's Royal West Surrey Rgtsee above
BROWNSELL, AlbertPte72609Army Service CorpsMore information
BROWNSELL, AlbertSprWR202985 &239081Royal Engineerssee above
BROWNSELL, AlfredPte139056th Oxf&Bucks LIMore information
BROWNSELL, ArthurPte202270 & 58314th Res Oxf&Bucks LIMore
BROWNSELL, HarryGnr190973Royal Garrison ArtilleryMore
BULL, DanielPte133717th Oxf&Bucks LIMore
CHAPMAN, PercyPteSE/7116Army Veterinary Corps
CHILTON, Albert SidneyPte4186 & 2030415th Btn Oxf&Bucks LI
CHILTON, Albert Sidney2202652/4th Royal Berkshire Rgt
CHILTON, Arthur 156269Army
CHILTON, Arthur Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
CHILTON, Frederick JohnPte13252? 9th Scots Rifles03.05.1918
CHILTON, Frederick John6th Oxf&Bucks LI
CHILTON, George AlfredPte419053rd Provisional Btn Oxf & Bucks LI
CHILTON, [Joseph] ThomasPte13490Oxf&Bucks LI
CHILTON, [Joseph] ThomasSpr261772 & WR/29690832 ROC Royal Engineers
CHILTON, William EdwardPte391710th Btn Oxf&Bucks LI
CHILTON, William Edward204457King's Own Yorkshire L I. 14th Btn
CLARKE, Albert Edward-Navy
CLARKE, Albert Edward241020Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
CLARKE, AlfredPte136737th Oxf&Bucks LI
CLARKE, GeorgePteArmy Service Corps
CLARKE, [Herbert] SamuelPte159635th Oxf&Bucks LI
COOK, CharlesPte1st Northamptonshire Rgt
COOK, Harold ArthurPte-Navy
COOK, Harold Arthur248395Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
COOK, James BennettPte229445th Res South Welsh Borderers
COOK, James BennettSpr603696Royal Engineers
COURTMAN, RobertPte97234Transport Corps Depot Belac
CRICK, Frederick ArthurPte5889 & 282663rd Batt. Northamptonshire Rgt
CRICK, Walter HerbertPte4323116th Royal Warwickshire Rgt
DAKIN, [Frederick] HerbertL/Cpl?203335?Notts & Derbyshire Rgt
DENTON, James RalphL/Cpl92422nd Northamptonshire Rgt14.3.1915
DENTON, John SamuelGnr/30051Royal Garrison Artillery
L/Bdr & Cpl1403982
DENTON, William C[harles]Pte205896Northamptonshire Rgt
2012054th Beds
DITUM, ThomasTrpr5742nd Nottinghamshire Hussars
DOUGLAS, HerbertStkrDR13466;HMS Idaho
K12466 or 13466
ELLIOTT, GeorgeGnrSR/2391 & 277391Royal Garrison Artillery
EVANS, Arnold AlfredCpl133427th Oxf&&Bucks LI12.05.1917More information
EVANS, Cyril John283609Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
EVANS, Herbert Thomas BurtPte98572Royal Army Medical Corps
EVANS, Percy GeorgeSpr339704 & WR/204010Royal Engineers
EVANS, Sidney CharlesSpr13428723(Yd)Co Royal Engineers
EVANS, William CharlesPte4385 & 2667092/1st Buckinghamshire Btn Oxf&Bucks LI22.08.1917
EVERITT, TGnr55101 &Royal Garrison Artillery
35758Grenadier Guards
FOX, Oliver John RPte45109 &3rd Oxf&Bucks LI
FROST, CharlesPte266368Oxf&Bucks LI
2203291st Royal Berkshire Rgt
FROST, GeorgeGnr106127Royal Field Artillery
GABLE, AlfredTpr917Royal Highland Guards
5505Royal Bucks Hussars
GARRATT, Arthur GeorgePte13486Oxf&Bucks LI04.11.1918
GS/962683rd Btn Royal Fusiliers
GARRATT, Frederick ArthurPte186344745 Army Equipment Co
Labour Corps
GARRATT, Frederick Charles Henry [Garrett on orig roll of honour]PteS/126255th Btn Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)
1375659th Machine Gun Corps
GARRATT, Frederick WilliamPte1519 & 750851/1st Derby Yeomanry03.10.1918
2039021st London Rgt
GARRATT, James [Tom]Pte138827th Wiltshire Rgt
Also spelt GARRETT
GARRATT, RobertPte13297th Oxf&Bucks LI
[Garrett on orig roll of honour]Act.
GARRATT, [Robert] WilliamPte133437th Oxf&Bucks LI
GARRATT, ThomasPte10136Bedfordshire Rgt
[Garrett on orig roll of honour]22364Royal Irish Fusiliers
4802631st Co Machine Gun Corps
GEARY, Bertie LeslieAM 93369RAF
GEARY, Lovell JamesSgt1547 &2/1st Oxf&Bucks LI
GEARY, William WilfredPnr24680Oxf&Bucks LI12.10.1917
25475637th Div Sig Co Royal Engineers
GIBBS, FrederickPte163305th Oxf&Bucks LI
GIBBS, George ThomasBdr66637Royal Horse Artillery
GIBBS, Reginald AlbertPte35119B Sqn 11th Hussars
GRACE, GeorgePte121546th Btn Oxf&Bucks LI
GRACE, Henry/HarryGnr19462836th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
GREGORY, Frederick John?Pte? 46044? Machine Gun Corps
GREGORY, HarryPte296161/4th Oxf&Bucks LI
49664Gloucestershire Rgt
GREGORY, Rose ConstanceVAD-Prince of Wales Hospital
GROOM, William AubreyM25840HMS Venerable
HARRISON, Ernest JamesPte2337Royal Fusiliers
463980482 Agricultural Company Labour Corps
HAYNES, Arthur BuntingPte451313rd Oxf&Bucks LI
594869th (Service) Btn Worcestershire Rgt
HERBERT, Alfred JamesPte4205Ox & Bucks Light Infantry11.09.1917
2666062/1st Bucks Btn
HERBERT, BenjaminPte13367Oxf&Bucks LI
HERBERT, Caleb JonahPte260399th Loyal North Lancashire Rgt03.09.1916
HERBERT, FrankPte3744/266370Oxf&Bucks LI
HERBERT, JamesPte140257th Wiltshire Rgt
HERBERT, Stephen CharlesPte2032681st Oxf&Bucks LI
HERBERT, ThomasPte128147th Oxf&Bucks LI
HERBERT, WalterPte133417th Oxf&Bucks LI
HERBERT, WilliamSgt63941140 Seige Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
HILLYER, ArthurGnr182232Royal Garrison Artillery
HILLYER, George JPte4814Bedfordshire Rgt
Rfn8270Royal Irish Rifles
783366London Rgt ?Kings Royal Rifle Corps
HILLYER, Thomas FrederickPte296223rd Oxf&Bucks LI
HILLYER, Walter JamesL/cplR/130812th Btn Kings Royal Rifle Corps11.09.1917
HILLYER, William GeorgeGnr92545Royal Field Artillery
HINDE, John Egerton BerthonLtRoyal Field Artillery
HOARE, Thomas Shoe SmithPnr134773Royal Engineers
HOBSON, Sidney1375Royal Naval Division
Spr127373Royal Engineers
LtNorthamptonshire Rgt
HOLMAN, AlfredRfn?A or R /17549th Btn Kings Royal Rifle Corps
HOLMAN, ThomasPteOxf&Bucks LI
HOMER, Edward ThomasPte276806 orDurham Light Infantry
HOMER, Frederick CharlesSpr8656 & 270762Cambridgeshire Rgt
WR/262014Royal Engineers 235th Btn Light Railway Forward Co
HOMER, Oliver StephenPteG/2547111th Queens Rgt, West Surreys
HOMER, William GeorgeGnr106128Royal Field Artillery
HORN[E], Alfred ThomasPte2203301st Royal Berkshire Rgt
HORN[E], Bertie CharlesPte128617th Oxf&Bucks LI
HORN[E], GeorgePte47166Bedfordshire Regiment
HORN[E], Joseph GeorgePte128167th Oxf&Bucks LI
HOUGHTON, CharlesStkrSS103852Royal Navy
HUMPHRIES, Denis AlbertPte133167th Oxf&Bucks LI
HUMPHRIES, William GeorgePte22141 & 707151/4th Oxf&Bucks LI
HUTCHINS, J G? Spr? 2444, 550598? Royal Engineers
JELLEY, CharlieCpl73071st Northamptonshire Rgt
JONES, Frederick4819Oxf&Bucks LI
JONES, George Thomas Gnr17934311th Battery 24 Bde Royal Field Artillery21.03.1918
not on War Memorial
KEEVES, Albert DanielPte531592396 Agricultural Company Labour Corps
KEEVES, Frederick JohnPte4188 & 139724Oxf&Bucks LI Machine Gun Corps
KEEVES, George HenryPte388427th Somerset LI04.07.1918
KEEVES, HezekialPteM2/176227Army Service Corps
(Mechanical Transport)
KEEVES, Margaret Sarah AnnVAD-Canadian Military Hosp. Basingstoke
KEEVES, William WalterSpr175270, WR/256781Railway Operating Division – Royal Engineers
KERRIDGE, Frederick ArthurTrp2428Royal Horse Guards
Machine Gun Rgt
KERRIDGE, JosiahPte240255Bedfordshire Rgt
2451802/2nd London
KINGSTON, William PercyPte82080Royal Army Medical Corps
LANE, CecilPte13936Northamptonshire Rgt
LANE, Edward ArthurPte28628Oxf&Bucks LI
LANE, Herbert HenryPteRoyal Navy Barracks Chatham – HMS Juno
Also ?G/15370Royal West Kent Rgt
LANE, Henry ErnestStkrJ29884HMS Achilles
LANE, John WilliamAM17911Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
LOVELL, Amos NewburyPte166045th Oxf&Bucks LI27.04.1916
LOVELL, AubreyGnr58393Royal Field Artillery
LOVELL, ? Frank/FredPte? 3189? Royal Army Medical Corps
? 793? Hertfordshire Rgt
LOVELL, Joseph WilliamPte92502nd Northamptonshire Rgt
LOWE, Joseph WilliamL.Cpl280761st Somerset Light Infantry
LOWE, WilliamPte55326Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
McLENNAN, AlexanderGnr125094B Bty Royal Field Artillery
MEADOWS, Albert ArthurPte34696Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
MILLS, John HenryPte137993Labour Corps att. Army Service Corps
MOBLEY, AlbertStkr302694Royal Naval Docks Devonport
MOBLEY, Alfred SmithM28262Royal Navy
NEAL[E], Frederick JohnPte10138Wiltshire Rgt
& 54960Essex Rgt
NEAL[E], Harry2nd Pte166877Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
NICHOLLS, Edwin GeorgePte/133667th Btn Oxf&Bucks LI
L.Cpl/Sgt7456178th Co Machine Gun Corps
NICHOLLS, Ellis FrederickSpr134606104 Field Co Royal Engineers
NICHOLLS, Jesse HPteOX/13340Oxf&Bucks LI
M/280369Army Service Corps
NICHOLLS, Reginald James169819Royal Flying Corps (RAF)
OFFER, HarryPteSS/13762, 305497Army Service Corps, Labour Corps
PARKER, Charles JamesPte142872nd South African Infantry
PAYNE, Bertie StaplesGnr2738Royal Marine Artillery
PIPER, Walter ErnestRfn13841611th Royal Berkshire Rgt
POWELL, GeorgeStkrHMS Neptune
RAINBOW, Frederick Albert
RAINBOW, George WPte1364Oxf&Bucks LI Buckinghamshire Btn
RAINBOW, Sidney JamesSpr157468Royal Engineers
RAINBOW, Walter ThomasCpl46552nd Btn South African Inf14.07.1916
RANSBEY, FredPte816631/5th Durham Light Inf
ROBERTS, AlbertLtRoyal Field Artillery
RUFF, George Williamson451103rd Btn Ox&Bucks LI
SAWBRIDGE, Victor183359Royal Garrison Artillery
SCARSBROOK, William240044Labour Corps, Royal Engineers
SEDGWICK, William JohnPte748832/6th Durham Light Infantry
SHARPE, Henry JamesSpr157359Railway Operating Div Royal Engineers
SIMONS, Arthur GPteEssex Cyclist Corps
SIMONS, Charles JohnWR/207945Railway Construction Btn - Royal Engineers
SIMONS, HenryPte12937Oxf&Bucks LI
SIMONS, William JohnSgt134897th Oxf&Bucks LI
SLINGO, Albert HenrySpr251061Royal Engineers
SMITH, FrederickGnr11003592nd Bde Royal Field Artillery
SMITH, George259042nd Oxf&Bucks LI
SMITH, Michael [Bill]Pte261732/6th Btn Royal Warwickshire Rgt04.09.1918
STANTON, Albert Spr236920 & 137505Royal Army Medical Corps
STIMSON, FrederickPte126187th Oxf&Bucks LI
STIMSON, George HPte74666Royal Army Medical Corps
STIMSON, HarryCpl189814Royal Engineers
STIMSON, TomPteS/290899War Disease Control Station, Army Service Corps
STONES, Ernest ArthurPteM2/022189Army Service Corps Cavalry Div
STONES , Frank Pte138697th Wiltshire Rgt
STONES, John ThomasCpl133857th Oxf&Bucks LI
STONTON, AlbertPte12369Northamptonshire Rgt
137505Royal Army Medical Corps
TOMPKINS, FredBugler12261st Btn Oxf&Bucks LI
TUBBY, Percival ETpr2296Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars
TUCKER, WilliamTpr260536Westmorland & Cumberland Yeo
WALKER, Alfred James175305Royal Engineers21.09.1919
Not on War Memorial
WELCH, FrederickPte13017272nd Btn Canadian Infantry1.03.17More information
WESTLEY, FrankPaint'rM22876HMS Pembroke
WHITBREAD, FrederickPte1836911th Btn Royal Warwickshire14.04.1917
WHITE, CharlesPte2nd Northamptonshire Rgt
WHITE, Joseph WPte41892/1st Buckinghamshire Btn19.07.1916
WHITING, Frederick JohnL/CplBedfordshire Rgt
WHITING, GeorgePte101201st Bedfordshire Rgt
WILLIAMS, Edward ThomasGnr183211Royal Garrison Artillery
WILLIAMS, Frederick JohnPte502289th North Staffordshire Rgt
WILLINGHAM, Herbert(Bert)Cpl2665954th Oxf&Bucks LI
WILLINGHAM, William JosephSgtG/207879th Btn Middlesex Rgt
249231st Garrison Btn Bedfordshire Rgt
WILLIS, Frederick ThomasPte42072/1st Bucks Btn O&BLI19.07.1916
WOODLAND, Albert1006Non Combatant Corps
WOODLAND, Walter?Non Combatant Corps - Cavalry
WRIGHT, George EdwardPte2035377th Bedfordshire Rgt
YOUNG, Harry