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Saturday, September 8
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Keach's Meeting House

S E Midlands

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Organised by: Winslow History Project

Visitors can see inside the small Baptist chapel built in 1695, which has open-backed benches, box pews, a gallery, pulpit, communion table and memorial tablets. Information will be available about the building, Benjamin Keach (Baptist preacher in the 1660s, put in the pillory for his writings) and the history of the Baptists in Winslow, including some early Baptist women.

Winslow has a strong Nonconformist tradition, and the Baptists were very influential for much of the 18th century.  William Gyles, a wealthy draper, built a small meeting-house on his land in 1695, and it has remained in use ever since (one service a year now), so it is the oldest such building in North Bucks.  The structure is largely in its original form, and there is a small burial ground next to it.

It is now known as Keach’s Meeting House in honour of the preacher Benjamin Keach who lived in Winslow in the 1660s and had one of his books burned while he stood in the pillory in Winslow and Aylesbury.  He later moved to London where he became an important Baptist figure.

Access: Full wheelchair access. Assistance dogs welcome.

Access through porch with shallow step. The Meeting House has no water or electricity.

Parking on Winslow Market Square or Greyhound Lane and Public Hall Car Parks.

Contact: Dr David Noy tel 01296 711683 email d.noy@btinternet.com

Website: www.winslow-history.org.uk/news.shtm