List of Maps

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This is a new addition to the web site and still under development.

Year Name Details
2013 Olney Market Place using Google Maps Use this map to conduct a tour of Olney's Market Place using Google mapping. It is suggested that the user first clicks on the 'Introduction' pin and then the 'Market Place Itself' pin to provide some background to the Market Place. The rest is then hopefully self-explanatory. But, in particular, do check out No 21 (previously Garners) and No 33 (previously Sowmans), also the additional photographs towards the bottom of each page.
1900 Map of Olney - 1900 Use this map to identify specific buildings in the town. After a few seconds delay, a red marker pin will appear on each building that was in existence before WW1 and remains in existance today. Magnify the map to identify the particular building(s) of interest. Hover the cursor over a pin to indicate the address of the building; clicking on the pin will show a 2012 thumbnail image of the building. Click the thumbnail to launch the 'Buildings in Olney' page. Be sure to click the 'People' tab to list some of the residents who have occupied the building in recent history and links to census data etc. This map covers most of the town as it was in 1900, but excludes some of outlying houses and farms and in particular some sections of Weston Road.
1. Each of the maps above contains markers.  Clicking on these markers provides links to other pages, such as pages on properties and pages from related surveys.