Colour images of Olney taken around the year 1900

  • Olney Market Place South-East c1900

1. Relive Georgian Life – Olney – Added December 2019

This new article presents the ten panels currently being displayed during the period November 2019 to January 2020 by Discover MK Showcase on the first floor of MK Central Library. The panels indicate how the Georgian era influenced life in Olney and the surrounding area. Find out how the Cowper & Newton Museum and the Olney & District Historical Society delved deep to tell these lost stories. Link to the article.

2. A Chronological History of Olney – Added May 2019

This new article presents a ‘potted’ or summary of Olney’s history followed by a more detailed chronological history of Olney in six sections. It should be considered a ‘developing’ introduction to Olney’s history, as the  ‘definitive account’ of Olney’s history has yet to be written. Link to the article.

3. All ODHS Olney Heritage Trails – Updated 12th January 2019

This page lists all ODHS heritage trails and associated videos currently available. The trails are listed under the following headings:

a. Trails that can accessed directly in full on this website.
b. Trails, some take the form of audio guides, accessed via Smartphones using (i) the ‘PocketSights’ software package, (ii) the ‘izi Travel’ software package, (iii) the ‘MK Trails’ software package.
c. Trails available as a video directly via YouTube.
Link to the complete list

4. Olney High Street – Heritage Trail – Updated August 2018

This Heritage Trail is designed to present visitors to Olney with a light introduction to the history of Olney High Street. It could be used as a precursor to a leisurely stroll along the High Street or as a complementary activity before or after visiting the Cowper and Newton Museum and its gardens. Link to the Heritage Trail

5. Cowper & Newton Museum – Added July 2017

William Cowper and John Newton were arguably the two most notable gentlemen to reside in Olney during the 18th century. Their achievements, life stories and memorabilia are excellently presented in the Cowper and Newton Museum situated in Orchard House on the south side of the Market Place.

As the museum has its own comprehensive website, this web site confines itself to presenting a series of links to relevant pages on the Cowper and Newton Museum website. Link to the ODHS links page.

6. Olney War Memorial – the Olney men who lost their lives during WW1 and WW2 – Revised June 2016

Details of the men from Olney who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars, have been revised to assist visitor navigation. In addition, information has been added for ALFRED CHARLES MILLWARD a WW1 fatality, PETER HOOTON a WW2 fatality and HARRY FIELD who was seriously injured and taken prisoner in WW1. Link to the revised version.

7. An extensive article on Numbers 67 & 69 High Street – Orchard House – Added March 2016

Orchard House was converted from two eighteenth century houses, Nos. 67 and 69 High Street, in 1904 for Joseph William Mann; the architect was Alexander Ellis Anderson. The article includes:

a. A brief history of the property
b. The complete Listed Building particulars and the plans drawn up by the architect.
c. Some information on the first owners Mr and Mrs Joseph Mann (and the second owners Mr & Mrs Robert Soul and previous owners ‘The Hummels’)
d. Census and Related Data for Nos 67 and 69 High Street
e. 1980s images of the house interior, the garden and frontage


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