Model T Ford at Olney Station c1928

Wesley's Coaches started business in 1925 and traded successfully for the next sixty years, until their merger with York's of Northampton in the mid 1980's.

Always a family run business, keen to innovate, they were one of the companies who pioneered continental packaged tours.

We have over the last twenty years, accumulated a wealth of material about the company for The Stoke Goldington Association Archive and we are now in the process of bringing it to our website.

The whole project which has been split into about twenty five sections is scheduled to take place over a period of about six months, with a targeted date of completion September 2006. As each section is completed it wlll go immediately live, on line.

We are indebted to The Public Vehicle Circle for their kind permission to publish copies of their Wesley's Fleet Lists. They can be contacted direct to their website.


Original research on this project is being undertaken by Andrew Shouler, Robert Cook and Derek George with technical assistance from Michael Cox and Alison Bancroft.

Photographs supplied by Ron Kightley, Ian Daverson and Bob Wesley

D George. April 2006