Fleet Details

1925 to 1940

Reg. No. Type Chassis No. Body Manufacturer Seating Built Acquired Disposed
? Ford T ? ? B14- ? -/25 ?
TE 1578 Vulcan VWBL VWBL21 ? B32- 8/27 ?/32 by 5/38
UL 4825 Gilford 166SD 10551 Hoyal C26F 2/29 7/37 12/44
RB 2349 B.A.T. 3X182 ? B2OF 7/30 by 9/38 by /41
JD 1979 Gilford I68MOT 12038 Wycombe C32F 3/32 -/39 ?
Key to Seating: B=Bus, C=Coach, D=Double Decker, number=number of seats, F=Front Door,
Notes: JD 1979 was new to Edward Hillman's Saloon Coaches Limited, London, E.15 (N), No. 110, passing to London Passenger Transport Board, London, S.W.l (N), No. GFI23, 4/34, as 26-seat; Dawson (dealer), London, S.W.9, 12/37, and then to Wesley.

RB 2349 - the former owners have not been traced.

TE 1578 was new to J.E. Loynds and C.F. Higgins (J.E. Loynds and Company (Belford Bus Service), Darwen (C), passing to Ribble Motor Services Limited, Preston (C), No. 450, 12/27; E. Williams and Company Limited (Spa Motor Services), Matlock Bath (E), 1931; North Western Road Car Company Limited, Stockport (C), No. 202, 3/32, and then to Wesley.

UL 4825 was new to Westminster Coaching Services Limited, London, S.W.l (N), and Cambridge (F), No. 20, passing to Eastern Counties Omnibus Company Limited, Norwich (F), No. GB2, 10/33 and then to Wesley.

Disposals: Unidentified Ford T: Not traced

JD 1979, UL 4825: Not traced

RB 2349: R. Fossett (showman), New Duston, Northampton; last licensed 6/41.

TE 1578: Bond (showman), Kettering, by 5/38.

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