Fleet Details

1971 to 1975
Fleet No. Reg. No. Type Chassis No. Body Manufacturer Seating Built Acquired Disposed
146 EPT 940B Ford 570E L80D434546 Plaxton C41F 11/64 6/71 11/78
144 AKX 96K A.E.C. Reliance 6U3ZR7843 Plaxton C53F 9/71 9/71 5/72
148 CVD 851C Ford 570E L800435871 Plaxton C41F 4/65 1/72 by11/79

UWX 920 Bedford SB3 59488 Plaxton C41F 5/58 5/72 11/72
150 HKX 965K Ford R226 BC04LS47144 Plaxton C53F 5/72 5/72 4/80
152 HKX 966K Bedford YRQ 21473892 Duple C45F 6/72 6/72 9/79
154 JKX 993K Ford R192 BC04LP49806 Duple C45F 7/72 7/72 7/83

WUT 456J Transit BC05KB54692 Deansgate 12 1/71 9/72 12/80
158 VBH 229L Ford R226 BC04LP52562 Duple C53F 7/73 7/73 9/83
156 EWT 550C Bedford S85 95986 Plaxton C41F 3/65 2/74 2/79
160 SKX 770M Ford R1114 BC04PY57392 Plaxton C53F 5/74 5/74 11/84
162 YXD 532H Ford 8226 BC04JG57909 Plaxton C53F 2/70 9/74 12/81
164 VBH 992N Ford 81114 BC04PU59661 Plaxton C53F 2/70 9/74 11/84
166 KBD 57N Ford 81114 BC04PA62072 Plaxton C53F 6/75 6/75 3/84
168 KBD 58N Ford 81114 BC04PR58405 Plaxton C53F 6/75 6/75 7/85
170 ORB 862E R226 BC04FR11572 Plaxton C52F 3/67 6/75 12/81
Key to Seating: B=Bus, C=Coach, D=Double Decker, number=number of seats, F=Front Door
Body Numbers: UWX 920: Plaxton 582137.

EPT 940B, CVD 851C,

EWT 550C: Plaxton 652745, 652750, 652671.

ORB 862E: Plaxton 672888.

YXD 532H: Plaxton 708758.

AKX 96K: Plaxton 712993.

HKX 965K: Plaxton 728651.

HKX 966K: Duple 257/26.

JKX 993K: Duple 256/16.

VBH 229L: Duple 270/354.

SKX 770M, VBH 992N: Plaxton 7411FC015, 7411FX513.

KBD 57/8N: Plaxton 7511FC126/7M.

Name: SKX 770M - H.M.S. Otus;

KBD 58N - H.M.S. Walrus.

Notes: UWX 920 was new to J.W. & H. Mosley (J.W. Mosley and Son), Barugh Green (B), passing to Wardways Limited, Bingley (8), 4/59; H.J. Atkinson and Company (Dreadnought Garage), Morecambe (C), 4/60; A.G. Varney, Buckingham (E), 3/66, and then to Wesley.

EPT 940B was new to Trimdon Motor Services Limited, Trimdon Grange (A); withdrawn 9/67, passing to Pleasureways, Oldham (C), 5/68; Premier Travel Limited, Cambridge (F), 8/68; Valliant-Cronshaw Limited, Harrow (N), 5/69; G.F. Ward, Epping (N), 8/69 and then to Wesley.

CVD 851C was new to Park's of Hamilton Limited, Hamilton (M), passing to A. Soames and Sons Limited (Forget-me-Not), Otley (F), 11/67; A.K. & N. Soames (A. Soames and Sons)(Forget-me-Not), 0tley (F), -/71; withdrawn 5/71, and then to Wesley.

EWT 550C was new to A. Ward (Wardline Coaches), Robin Hood (B), passing to W.J. & H.A. Marvin (F. Marvin and Sons)(Royal Blue Coaches), Rugby (D), 5/67, and then to Wesley.

ORB 862E was new to Depot Coaches Limited, Long Eaton (E), passing to J.R. Davies (J.R.D. Coaches), London, S.W.11 (N), 10/71; J.R.D. Travel Limited, London, S.W.11 (N), 7/74, and then to Wesley.

YXD 532H was new to Hillside Coaches Limited, Luton (N), passing to Court Line Coaches Limited, Luton (N), 11/71; B.B. Turner, Coventry (D), 4/73, and then to Wesley.

WUT 456J was new to A.B.C. Hire and Auto Service Limited, Leicester (E).

Disposals: UWX 920: Unidentified owner, as a transporter. carrying Wesley fleet names in 10/88

EPT 940B: Burke's Coaches, Bridgetown (I),

CVD 851C: Unidentified owner, and to 1st Chalgrove Scout Group, Chalgrove XE), 5/82, as 33-seat.

EWT 550C: Not traced.

ORB 862E: Meynell (dealer), Carlton, 12/81, and to G. Wright (Wright's Coaches), Connahs Quay (C), 3/82; withdrawn by 3/84.

YXD 532H: Errington (dealer), Leicester, 12/81; K.G. Gibbard (Satellite Coaches), Greenfield (F), 10/83, and sold 8/84 for conversion to a transporter.

WUT 456J: Private owner, 12/80.

AKX 96K: Errington (dealer), Leicester, 5/72, and to W.D. Pugh and Son Limited, Towyn (C), 6/72; withdrawn 12/74.

HKX 965K:A. 6 S.R. Ward (Ward Brothers Coaches), Ickenhsm (N), 4/80 - licensed 6/80, and to Shoestock Limited, Ickenhamn (N), 4/88

HEX 966K: R. Garrett (Wreaks Valley Travel), Syston (E), 12/79; Butler-Walker Coaches (Loughborough) Limited, Loughborough (E), 9/81, and to J. Sykes (dealer), Carlton, 6/84, for scrap.

JKX 993K: E. 6 T. Johnson Coaches (Hanslope) Limited, Hanslope (K), 7/83,
and to S.M. Ementon Limited, Cranfield (F), c.11/85 - licensed1/86; sold for scrap 3/87.

VBH 229L: J. & B. Embling, Guyhirn (F), 9/83; stil1 owned 8/88.

SKX 770M: Raunds Tug-of-War team, Raunds (XE), 11/84.

VBH 992N: D. Bagshaw, New Whittington (E), 11/84, re-registered ADC 138A;
stil1 owned 8/88.

KBD 57N: Rydale (dealer), 3/84, and to P. Kavanagh and Company Limited,
Urlingford, Eire, 3/84.

KBD 58N: B.M. Brandon, Blackmore End (F), 7/85.


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