Photographic Competitions 2018

We have decided to run both photographic competition again in 2018.


Native bluebell – photo by Amy Pattinson

  1. “Wild Sherington” (photos of wildlife – no domestic or farm animals or plants).
  2. “Sherington – Sights and Seasons”. This subject is open to your interpretation.

Both competitions will close on 31st December 2018.

All photos for both competitions must be taken within the Sherington boundary and taken this year (2018).

Please send us any photos you take through the year, letting us know the location, time and date. All images should be emailed to the following email address:

See the photos submitted so far in the galleries of submitted entries on the pages listed below.

Wild Sherington 2018 – submitted entries

Sherington: Sights and Seasons 2018 – submitted entries

You don’t have to have a good camera to take a good photo. Composition is the important thing. Entries will be accepted from all devices capable of taking still images – eg mobile phones, tablets, compact cameras, DSLR cameras – in any standard digital format.

The copyright of each photo will remain with the photographer. However, as a condition of entry into the competition, the Sherington Historical Society will have the right to publish the photos for Historical Society purposes.


This map shows the Sherington boundary. Your photos must be taken within this boundary.

Please remember that it’s your responsibility to know where you’re allowed to roam. A lot of the land within the Sherington boundary is private, so make sure you don’t go here unless you have the landowner’s permission.

If you are taking photos of people or property, they may have concerns about their privacy and security. Please bear this in mind when taking photographs.

The submitted photos will be put anonymously onto the Historical Society website that will be open to public view. We will not include photos of children without their parents’ written permission.

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