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Bronze Age/Neolithic

There are two bowl barrows believed to date from the Bronze Age (2500-700BC) in Sherington. Also, there have been a number of other pre-historic finds, including a neolithic axe found near the parish boundary with Chicheley.

Tumulus at the corner of Crofts End and Bedford Road
Bronze Age Bowl Barrow

There are remains of a ditched bowl barrow at the corner of Crofts End and Bedford Road, grid reference SP 8937 4643, see the photo on the right.

It is shown as a 'Tumulus' on Ordnance Survey maps (1:25000 Explorer and 1:10000 Landplan).

It is listed on English Heritage's Pastscape website as Monument No. 344875.

Bronze Age Bowl Barrow (2)

There is a ditched bowl barrow north of the church, grid reference SP 8897 4693. This is shown as a 'Tumulus' on larger scale Ordnance Survey maps (i.e. 1:10000 Landplan). English Heritage's Pastscape website lists it as Monument No. 344904.

Neolithic Axe - Records of Bucks Vol 20 p63, picture no. 6
Neolithic Axe

The axe (pictured on the right) was found in the ploughsoil northeast of Bedlam Spinney (grid reference SP 8989 4626) by Mike Lewton of Home Farm, Chicheley.

It is a ground axe of dark green-grey stone, unsectioned but probably of Group VI. The edge is blunt with little signs of wear. Sides flattened towards butt. This form of axe is broadly paralleled by axes of Atkins & Jacksons 'Type E'.

Length 9.7 cms, Width 5.2 cms, Thickness 2.9 cms, Weight 205 gm.

Present location: Bradwell Abbey Field Centre, Accessions No. 1973/90

References: D C Mynard 'Archaeology in North Bucks 1973' Milton Keynes Journal (1973) 4 and illustrated on Page 91, where it is entitled 'The Chicheley Axe'.

These details, and the illustration, are from Records of Bucks Vol 20 p631.

Pre-historic Flint Scraper

Records of Bucks Vol 21 p188 gives details of Buckinghamshire County Museum Discoveries during 1979.

A round-ended flint scraper of Neolithic-Early Bronze Age date was collected at grid reference SP 8916 4762. This is at the Sherington bypass north of the village, just south of the Olney Road junction. (Accessions number 388.79)


Aerial photographs have shown a cropmark indicating a possible ring ditch west of High Street/Olney Road at grid reference SP 8838 4691. The date is uncertain.

It is listed on English Heritage's Pastscape website as Monument No. 344982.

Pre-historic Ditches

Two pre-historic ditches were discovered in Chicheley in 1979. They are recorded in the English Heritage National Monument Records Excavation Index for England, numbers 657204 and 657205, the latter being at the Newport Pagnell bypass and hence near the Sherington parish boundary. The grid reference is imprecise, being given as SP89 45.

Buckinghamshire County Museum finds accession Nos.: 522.79 and 523.79.

Records of Buckinghamshire : journal of the Architectural and Archaeological Society for the County of Buckinghamshire 21/1979/185 and 186.

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