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Romans in Sherington

There are several examples of evidence indicating the presence of the Romans in Sherington during the period 43-410AD.

Route of the Roman road through Sherington
Roman Road

A Roman road passed through Sherington. It branched off Watling Street at Fenny Stratford and ran north for 19½ miles to Dungee Corner, near Irchester. Locally, it ran from Renny Lodge (in Newport Pagnell) to Far Farm, along Bedford Road, Gun Lane, and then north towards Olney along the main A507 road.

Further details of this road (and other Roman roads in the area) are given in the book 'Roman Roads in the South East Midlands' by 'The Viatores', published in 1964 by Victor Gollanz Ltd. One of the authors visited the route when researching the book and commented:

The location of the road is shown on the right. The solid line represents the portions of the route confirmed by the Viatores, as the metalling was visible or the route followed a modern road or track, whilst the dashed line indicates that the precise route can not be confirmed.

Roman Building

Wolverton and District Archaeology Society Journal 2 (1969) Archaeology finds for 1968:
SP 899 475 Roman Grade C (finds with evidence of structure)

Site reported by the farmer Mr Goss of Weston Underwood, visited by K Field, L Price and D Mynard. There is an extensive scatter of sherds, flue and roof tiles. The site was formerly wooded and was cleared in the 1930's so much damage may have been done by tree roots.

English Heritage's Pastscape website lists this as: SP 8991 4751 A Romano-British building site was reported by the farmer Mr Goss. An extensive scatter of Roman-British sherds, tiles, flue and roof tiles, imbrex tiles, building stone and a Roman bronze coin were found at the site. Pastscape Monument No. 344893.

Listed by Scott in her gazeteer of Roman villas: E. Scott, 'A Gazeteer of Roman Villas in Britain', Leicester Archaeology Monographs No 1, 1993 (BU 72 no 1 Page 30).

Other Romano-British Finds
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