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Burying the Hatchet

From the Daily Sketch, Monday, Feb, 25th 1935.

Varsities Bury Hatchet

Village Pump Oath

Oxford & Cambridge Unite Against "Common Foe"

Editors of the Oxford and Cambridge undergraduate papers taking an oath of unity against their common enemy, the younger Universities, round the village pump at Sherington, Bucks, yesterday. This truce between traditional foes was a determined reply to a prophecy by Sir Michael Sadler that Oxford and Cambridge would decline within the next decade in favour of such universities as London and Reading Reconciliation was emphasised with olive branches and a treaty was signed and confirmed with enthusiasm at a round table meal at the village hostelry.

(Picture of) One of the Oxford editors declaring the hatchet buried and confirming the world’s great Universities henceforth stand shoulder to shoulder.

(Picture of) The Plenipotentiaries.

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