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Employment in Towcester in 1877 (by name)
The following is a list (sorted by the name of the person) of employment in Towcester and the surrounding area in 1877.

Abbott, William.Landlord of Nelsons Arms. High Street. Also a Carpenter.
Adams, Edwin.Linen & Woollen Draper. Also Silk Mercer. High Street.
Ager, CharlesCounty Court Office, High Street (Sub-Bailiff)
Ager, Charles.Hair Dresser & Sub Bailiff of the County Court.
Baker, Abraham.Hawker. High Street.
Baker, James.Poulterer & Fruiterer. High Street.
Baker, William.China, Glass Dealer. Boot Maker & Leather Seller. High Street.
Barker, William.Shoe Maker. Middletons Yard.
Basford, John.Gardener & Seedsman. Park Street.
Basford, Samuel.Gardener & Seedsman. High Street.
Beesley & sons,Auctioneers & Appraisers. High Street.
Beesley, John.Printers. High Street.
Betts, William Maydwell.Chemist & Druggist. High Street.
Brice, Samuel.Boot Maker & Shopkeeper.
Brown, Benjamin.Ironmonger- Hop & Seed Merchant. High Street.
Brown, Job.Furniture Dealer & Carpenter. High Street.
Brown, John.Plumber-Decorator & Carpenter. High Street.
Brown William,Plumber-Decorator & Carpenter. High Street.
Burchell, Sarah.Landlady of Wheatsheaf. High Street.
Bustin, Edward Henry.Saddler & Harness Maker. High Street.
Cakebread, Samuel.Gravestone Cutter. High Street.
Checkley, William.Sawyer. Brackley Road.
Clarke, Charles.Grocer & Beer Retailer. Park Street.
Clarke, Charles.Shopkeeper. High Street.
Clarke, Isaac.Blacksmith. Park Street.
Clarke,William.Brackley Road.
Clarke George,Boot maker. 8 Albert Row.
Coe, John Wickam.Laundryman. High Street.
Coles, Francis .Blacksmith. High Street.
Cook, Joseph.Boot & Shoe Maker. 12. Albert Row.
Cory, John Thomas.Baker. High Street.
Cory, William.Baker. High Street.
Coy, William.Carpenter . 1 Albert Place.
Crow, Richard.Landlord of The Bear. High Street.
Crow, Richard.Carpenter. High Street.
Davies, Samuel.Veterinary Surgeon. High Street.
Dean , William.Boot Maker. 2 Queens Terrace.
Donnay Mons, Anthime.Collegiate School. Park Street.
Durran, Elizabeth. (Mrs)Watchmaker. High Street.
Eales, John Thomas.Beer Retailer. Grindery Dealer. High Street.
Edwards, Thomas.China & Glass Dealer. Park Street.
Evans, Arthur Griffiths.Surgeon. Park Street.
Fire Engine StationHigh Street.
Frost Thomas,Baker. High Street.
Gallard, Joseph Lee.Miller & Corn Oil Cake Merchant. High Street.
Gardner, William.Shoemaker & Shopkeeper. Victoria Place.
Gaybell, Elizabeth. (Miss)Fancy Repository. High Street.
Gaybell, John.Flour Dealer & Butter Collector. High Street.
Gray, George.Coal Dealer. Branson's Lane.
Gurney, Thomas White.Corn & coal Merchant. Hop & Seed Factor. Park Street.
Hambidge,Thomas.Leather Seller. Park Street.
Harris, Thomas.Gardener. Park Street.
Hart, Ann. (Mrs)Laundress. Mount Pleasant.
Harvey, John Charles.Practical Brewer. High Street.
Hefford, George.General Hardware Dealer. High Street.
Hickson, John.Tailor. High Street.
Higham, John.Corn & Coal Merchant. High Street.
Higham, Joseph.Landlord of Talbot. Comm Inn & Posting House. Also a Farmer, High Street.
Hines, William.Confectioner and Baker. High Street.
Holloway, George.Farmer & Grazier. High Street.
Holloway, Robert.Dealer in Grindery. High Street.
Howes, Richard.Solicitor, Perpetual Commissioner. Clerk to Magistrates. Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes, Clerk to Highway Board. Secretary to Towcester Town Hall & Corn Exchange Co Ltd, High Street, Towcester and at Abington Street Northampton,
Hunt, Edwin.Music & Fancy Repository. Professor of Music-Singing. Park Street,
Hurfurt Jas, Brooks.Printer Bookseller & Stationer. Librarian. High Street.
Hutchings, Thomas William.Basket & Sieve Maker. High Street.
Hutchinson, George.Sergeant Major of Bucks Yeomanry. High Street.
Jacob, Simon.Tailor, Draper, and Hatter. Town Hall.
Jarvis, John.Carrier. High Street.
Jenkinson, William.(jun)Draper, Outfitter, and Woolstapler. High Street.
Jepson Hy, Whitby.Towcester Old Bank. Manager. High Street.
Johnson, Ann. (Mrs)Tailor. High Street.
Johnson, Benjamin.Coal Dealer and Mail Contractor. High Street.
Johnson, William.Bricklayer & Builder. High Street.
Jones, James Cornelius.Bookseller-Stationer-Assistant Overseer. Tax Collector and School Master, High Street.
Kendall, William.Wheelwright and Carpenter. High Street.
Key,Joseph.Farm Bailiff to J.M. Vernon Esq. Queens Terrace.
King, Thomas.Wheelwright. 4 Queens Terrace.
Koch, Walter E.Manager of Towcester Co Ironworks.
Labrum, Caroline.(Mrs)Landlady of the Swan. High Street.
Lewin, Edward.Wholesale & Retail Grocer. Provision Merchant & Agent for W & A Gilbey, Wine & Spirit Merchants. High Street.
Lovell, Frederick.Cabinet Maker. Park Street.
Marlow, Isaac.Carrier & Higgler. High Street.
Martin, Ann. (Mrs)Butcher. High Street.
Martin, Elizabeth. (Mrs)Landlady of the Dolphin Inn. High Street.
May, Isaac.Beer Retailer. High Street.
May, James.Boot maker. Sawpit Lane.
May, John.Landlord of Crown. High Street.
May, William.Tailor. Park Street.
May, William.Shoemaker. High Street.
Mayo, Frederick.Butcher. Park Street.
Mayo, Harriet. (Mrs)Landlady of the Bull. Park Street.
Mayo, William.Saddler. High Street.
Meads, Edward.Landlord of the Plough. High Street.
Mills, Mary. (Mrs)Laundress. 1 Queens Terrace.
Mobbs, William.Butcher. High Street.
Montgomery, Francis.Soda & Mineral Water Manufacturer. High Street.
Muszynski, Emile. (BA)Boarding & Day School. Park Street.
Newman, John. (Mrs)Grocer. High Street.
Newton, William. B.Draper - Clothier - Hatter. High Street.
Nightingale, George.Gardener & Seedsman. High Street.
Norman, DanielPolice Station, High Street, Superintendent.
Norman, Daniel.Superintendent of Police. High Street.
Oldham, Thomas.Chemist. High Street.
O'Sullivan. MortimerInland Revenue Officer
Owen, Robert.Carpenter. Albert Street.
Packer, Henry H.Master of Union & Relieving Officer. Union House.
Packer, Sarah. (Mrs)Matron of Union House.
Parker, John.Ironmonger & Tinplate Worker. High Street.
Partridge,William.Boot & Shoe Maker. High Street.
Pearcey, George.Umbrella Maker. Brackley Road.
Peasnell, James.Landlord of Albion. Grazier & Fly Proprietor. High Street.
Peasnell, Thomas.Shopkeeper. Kings Lane.
Percival, Thomas Mieres.Solicitor. Commissioner in Supreme Court of Judicature. Assistant Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes, High Street.
Petitt, BenjaminBoot Maker & Shopkeeper. Park Street.
Phipps Pickering & Richard,Brewers & Wine and Spirit Merchants. Maltsters & Hop Factors, (Manager William E Vernon) High Street.
Piggott-Goodwin, JosephCounty Court Office, High Street (Bailiff)
Porter, George.Traffic Superintendent at Railway Station.
Powell, Ann. (Mrs)Butcher. High Street.
Powell, George.Landlord of Folly House. London Road.
Powell, Robert.Boot Maker. Paradise Row.
Preston, Walter.Boot Maker. High Street.
Richardson, David Blunsom.Wholesale & Retail Grocer. Oilman. High Street.
Robertson, Charles.Boot Maker & Beer Retailer. High Street.
Salmon, Henry.Shoe Agent & Maker. Victoria Terrace.
Sansom, Samuel.Registrar of Births & Deaths for Towcester District, of Marriages for the whole Union, Collector to the Board of Guardians, Inspector of Nuisances & Vaccinations for Towcester Union, Relieving Officer for Towcester Union.
Savage, George.Farmer. Brick & Tile Maker. Lived at Stoke Bruerne.
Savage, Samuel.Tailor. 2 Albert Row.
Savage, Sarah.Shopkeeper. High Street.
Shackleton, Thomas.Baker. High Street.
Shackleton,William.Pawn Broker. High Street.
Sharman,John.Tailor. Park Street.
Sharp, Bennet.Landlord of Peacock. High Street.
Sharp, Thomas.Hair Dresser. & Tobacconist. High Street.
Sheppard, Frederick James.Solicitor. High Street. & at Brackley.
Shingles, Robert.Carrier. High Street.
Simmonds, William.Professor of Music & Singing. High Street.
Smart, John.Plumber, Painter, Glazier. High Street.
Smart, Joseph.Butcher. High Street.
Smith, Mary. (Mrs)Seminary. Park Street.
Snedker, Edward.Carpenter & Joiner. High Street.
Spencer, Joseph Willsher.Grocer & Provsn Dealer. Wine & Spirit Merchant. High Street.
Stanton, Edward.Station Master. Queens Terrace.
Stops, William George.Miller, Farmer & Grazier.
Swan, Robert.Chimney Sweep. Saw Pit Lane.
Swannell, Catherine. (Mrs)Ladies school Teacher.
Taylor, Ann (Mrs)Butcher. High Street.
Thomason, George.Stone Mason. Builder. High Street.
Thomason, Samuel.Stone Mason. Builder. High Street.
Tite, Samuel Cooper.Chemist & Druggist. Sec to Towcester Gaslight & Coke Co. High Street,
Tomlin, Mahala. (Mrs)Stay Maker. Park Street.
Towcester Co Ltd,Iron Ore Masters. Dimsdale Young as Manager.
Travil, Edmund.Butcher. High Street.
Tuckey, John.Corn, Oil, & Flour Dealer. Northampton Road.
Tunnard, John.Landlord. Pomfret Arms. Commercial & Posting House. Inland Revenue Office, General Carrying Agent for L & N W Railway, High Street.
Vernon, John. Middleton.Wine & Spirit Merchant.
Vernon, William E.Phipps Brewery Manager
Vernon, William Ebenezer.Agent to Count Fire & Provident Life Offices. High Street.
Walker, Joseph.Horse Dealer. Webbs Yard.
Walling, Francis.Stud & Groom to Sir T Bateman. Park Street.
Walling, William.Horse Breaker. High Street.
Wallis, GeorgePolice Station, High Street, Inspector.
Ward, James.Baker & Confectioner. High Street.
Ward, William.Baker. Park Street.
Warwick, Elizabeth. (Miss)Straw Bonnet Maker. Park Street.
Wass, Frances. (Mrs)Lace Maker. High Street.
Wass, Thomas.Shoe Maker. High Street.
Wass, William.Lamp Oil Dealer. Islington Row.
Watkins & Kingcombe,Surgeons. High Street & Park Street.
Webb, Frances. (Mrs)Basket & Sieve Maker. Gardener & Seedsman. High Street.
Webb, Henry. (Mrs)Landlady of White Hart. Farmer. Park Street.
Webb, John.Ironmonger. High Street.
Webb, John.Bank Manager. High. Street.
Webb, William.Butcher. High Street.
Webb, William.Grocer. Park Street.
Wheeler, John & Sons.Timber Merchants. High Street.
Whilton, WilliamCounty Court Office, High Street (Registrar)
White,Edward.Carpenter. 11 Albert Row.
White, James.Carpenter. High Street.
White, John.Plumber. Pomfret Row.
White, Sarah Ann. (Miss)Photographer. High Street.
White, William.Grocer. High Street.
Whitton, William.Solicitor. Perpetual Commissioner. Superintendent of Births Deaths-Marriages, Agent to Land Securities Co. Town Hall.
Wickins, Smith.Coal Merchant. Railway Station.
Williams, John.Coal Dealer. High Street.
Wilson, Emma (Mrs)Watch Maker. Cycle & Sowing Machine Agent. High Street.
Wilson, William.Builder. Park Street.
Wooding, William.Landlord of Hesketh Arms Hotel. Railway Station.
Woodward, Henry.Boot & Shoe Maker. High Street.
Wright George,Commercial Traveller. High Street.
Research by Barrie Denny.

  1. The Post Office Directory of Northamptonshire, 1877. Edited by E.R.Kelly.
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