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Towcester in the 11th Century
DateEvent Related to Towcester
1005Great Famine in England "such that no man remembered it ever being so grim" [ASC]
1009Danes burnt down Oxford [ASC]
1010Danes ravished the lands from Oxford to Buckinghamshire along the Ouse to Bedford "ever burning as they went."[ASC]
1011Danes had overrun East Anglia, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, half of Huntingdonshire and much of Northamptonshire. Tribute promised on the condition that they stopped their ravishing [ASC]
1013 AugustEast Anglia and the east coast up to Northumberland submitted to King Sweyn of Denmark and provided hostages from each shire "After he came over Watling Street, they worked the most evil that a force could do. They went to Oxford". King Aethelred II of England fled abroad.
1014Swein died and Cnut chosen as King by the fleet.
post 1066Motte and bailey castle constructed on eastern side of Towcester.
post 1066Church - granted by William 1 to Abbey of Wandregisile or Fontenelle in Normandy. [Baker p.320]
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