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Towcester in the 13th Century
DateEvent Related to Towcester
1200Sheriff rendered account of 40s to the "Leprous Brethren of Toucestr" (Baker p.320)
1220First reference to a market at Towcester.
1254Rectory rated at 40 marks (Baker p.324)
1275Market in Towcester by this date but authority not known.(Baker p.321)
1287Tenants of the Priory of Bradenstoke in Wiltshire were found to be unjustifiably made to bake in the Lord's oven by his bailiff. When part of the abbey of Wandregisile they baked at the abbot's oven when it was in order. (Baker p.317)
c.1280Benedict Caetani (also known as Gaetano) was Rector of St. Lawrence's. later elected Pope Boniface VIII at Naples on 23rd January 1295.
pre 1290A building in Towcester which passed to John Wodehall had a cellar, loft, chamber, stable and brewery. (FH calendar)
1292Building in Towcester recorded as being a tenement with "toft, croft, garden ditch and quick hedges". (FH calendar)
1295/6The boundary of a building extended from Watling St to a water course.(FH calendar). [This may indicate the mill leat, but could also have been a drainage ditch.]
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