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Towcester in the 14th Century
DateEvent Related to Towcester
1317A 'cut' 18'0" across John de Hanle land for taking water to the Lord's mill, recently renewed (FH calendar 169)
1321/2Reference to a third of a shop (FH calendar) indicates that there were commercial buildings in the town.
1324-5Reference to Park Lane (FH calendar)
1326Reference to a Burgage tenement (FH calendar 83, 94)
1329William de Clinton and Julianan his wife summoned to show their rights to the manor of Towcester and the assize of bread and beer, the Tuesday weekly market, the two day fair on the vigil and day of St Lawrence, tumbril, pillory, gallows. Claimed they held it as a dower for the inheritance of Laurence de Hastings. The King's attorney insisted they did not have the rights as they had not punished bakers and brewers by pillory and tumbril (ducking stool) and were holding the fair on the wrong days. They rejected the charge.(Baker p.315)
1329Richard Cardound bailiff fined for unjustly levying toll on people purchasing corn at the market for consumption or as seed. Also held hundred court every 3 weeks instead of 2 times a year. Fined and prohibited from holding court more than twice a year.
1348November 1348. Black death reaches London
1349Black death reaches North England, Scotland and Ireland
1351-2Brackley way mentioned (FH calendar)
1354Profits from common oven were twenty shillings (20/-) (Baker p.321)
1358-9Death of John Blundell, bailiff of Towcester. He was a man of violent temper. He attacked William of Towcester attorney to Thomas, Earl of Norfolk. Marshall of England with a 'sparth' (?), William defended himself and knocked the 'sparth' from John's hand. John ran to his house drew a sword and buckler ran with his wife after William and attacked him with a sword. William defended himself with a large knife. They grabbed each others garments and wrestled together. William was grabbed by John's wife and he struck her with his knife to free himself otherwise he would have been killed.(Blundell 1912)
1366Hospital near the North Bridge (Baker p.321) Collection of money for repair of the Northbridge next the hospital of St Leonard at the northern end of Towcester (FH calendar 897)
1366Richard of Towcester, John his brother and 10 others to collect alms for repairing the bridge near the hospital and chapel of St Leonard. Obtained indulgences from Bishops to sell and raise money. (Baker p.321)
1379/80'Horsmylne Lane' mentioned (FH calendar)
1386-7'Netherend' mentioned (FH calendar)
1389-90mention of 'Cuttellebrygge' (FH calendar)
1392 18th MarchDescription of the Manor House, formerly the Castle "Hall with chambers at each end, one thatched and the other slate; kitchen with small stable. Two great barns at a distance, oxhouse, carthouse & stable under one roof, sheepfold for 200 sheep, dovecote worth 6s8d. Within manor is one moat and within moat is one mound tower" (PRO DL 43/14/3)
1398-9Lease - rebuild grange of 3 bays, tenant to find balks for half said grange and to earth up the party walls. Tenant to repair and to plant and maintain ash, hazel, willow, thorn and other trees in and about the garden. (FH calendar)
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