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Towcester in the 16th Century
DateEvent Related to Towcester
1505-7By a series of legal agreements Sir Richard Empson acquired the Manor of Towcester and the rights to the hundred. He was executed in 1510. Henry VIII granted Towcester and Hundred to William Compton. The rights were restored to Thomas Empson on payment of £25 on 2/11/1513 in the Parish Church of Towcester between 9 and 3 o'clock. (Baker p.316)
1511Half of North Mill sold to Benedict Davy (FH calendar p.814)
1513-14Quit claim:- Earl of Kent to Thomas Emson mentions 3 mills and 200 acres of wood (FH calendar p.818)
1530Empson sells estate to Richard Fermour, a merchant (Baker p.317)
1544Henry VIII granted bailiffs and inhabitants of Towcester two fairs - October and March. (Baker p.321)
1545-6Towcester charged with providing 2 archers and one bill man for the muster (Towcester - The story of an English town. p90)
1546Sponne's Chantry maintained 2 priests, one of whom spread the word of God and the other kept a Grammar School. It received £18 yearly and had no plate etc. of any value. (Baker p.333)
1548Sponne Chantry dissolved. (Baker p.333)
1549-50Conveyance from Thomas Davie to Francis Morgan - Messuage and toft called 'Courtburn' and courtyard between tenement of Bennet Dark on the West, River to Lord's Mill on the East, from tenement called 'Crossewells' close on the north to tenement of William Norton on the south and garden called 'Berymounthyll' from Lords river called 'Padyse' by Lords land called 'Courtstable' on the south by said tenement of William Norton on the west as far as the river. And a close called 'Beryorchard' between (aforesaid) messuage and the Lords meadow called 'Churchmeme', from 'Crosswells' close by the ditch and water ( ) to the Lord's mill. (FH calendar p.865)
1550Chantry House and the Park lane cottage of the Sponne Chantry sold to Richard Heybourne and William Dalby (Baker p.323)
1551Church mill recorded (Baker)
1552Chantry House and Park Lane cottage sold to the Feoffees of Sponnes Charity who converted the Chantry House into a Grammar School and a schoolmaster's house. (Baker p323)
1561Parish Registers commence (Baker p.328)
1573 June 6thStorm of rain and hail of 1.5 inches resulted in flooding which brought down six houses. One child drowned. (Baker p.322)
1574Former Knight Templar's Mill at dissolution of Hospital of St John of Jerusalem granted to Robert Dudley. Site of Mill not traced. (Baker p.317)
1575Plague at Towcester. ( NRO 329p/175)
1599Mr. Brooke erected a bakehouse. The Lord of manor, Sir George Fermor, claimed the right to have bakehouses and none could have one without his appointment. There were three bakers in the town. 'Bakehouse Lane' is between High Street and Berrymount. (Baker p.321)
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