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St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester - Monuments
The monuments in St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester, were recorded by George Baker in his History & Antiquities of the County of Northamptonshire (Bridges 1836) but not all of these have survived.

Those that had survived in 2006 are listed separately.Trotter inscribed his 1802 coloured engraving of various monuments in the church:

“Various MONUMENTS in the Church of TOWCESTER NORTHAMPTONSHIRE taken 1799. These Monuments having nothing remarkable in them are indiscriminately crowded together in one Drawing. That of Mary Hastings is neatly executed in free Stone, that of Willm. Benson in Marble elegantly adorn'd with a variety of ornament, The Rev.d Mr. Lawford in a simple Marble Tablet, and the Slab displaying the Arms and Inscription of George Benson Esqr. is of blue Granite in the pavement under that of Willm. Benson”.

List of monuments found in 1836

Very few of the monuments recorded by George Baker in his History & Antiquities of the County of Northamptonshire 1836 still survive. The names of those that do survive can be clicked to see the present day monuments.

SurnameForenameDateOther Information
BARTLETTHenry1712"Henry Bartlett 22 May 1712 aet 70"
BENSON  On the north wall is a large oblong tablet of white marble with a deep border of foliage and flowers; under the entablature are cherubs' heads and flaming torches, and over it, an urn; at the base, within mantling on a chevron between three goats' heads and flaming torches, and over it, an urn; at the base, within mantling on a chevron between three goats? heads erased as many escallop shells: (Ref: Baker)

"Juxta Repositae Jacent Animarum Reliquiae
Gulielmi Benson Armigeri,
Elizabethae Benson Uxoris suae,
Filiiq: Utrisque Unici Georgii Benson,
Qui natu Die 4th Martii An. 1682, Primios
(Natum sic nolente) desut Vivere Die 12, Jan. An. 1684.
Pater natus 18th die Aprilis, An. 1649,
Obiit Die 5 Novembris, An. 1691.
Uxor Elizabethae Benson Clarissimo Patre
Et Viro Venerahili Joharme Wallis S.T.P.
Et Matheseos Professore Oxoniae, Nata
Die 23 Septembris Anno 1658,
Cum Diu fuisset conjugis et Pueri Superstes
Vitam summa Integritate Actam
Morte Clausit Pientissima Julii 16 An. 1703

Quorum Memorae Sacrum Monumentum Hoc
Posuit Anna Blencowe, viri Honorabilis Johannis
Blencowe Militis Unius Justicariorum de Banco
Conjux, et Elizabethae Benson Sola Soror
et Testamenti Executrix"
BENSONElizabeth1721 "Eliz. daughter of Mr Geo. Benson
and wife of Alex Smith was
Buryed May ye 4th A.D. 1721
Aged near 22 years
Though he me slay yet will I trust in him
Job. ch.12 ver.15"
BENSONGeorge 1687On black marble slab, arms and crest of Benson-north chancel:

"Here lyeth the body of
George Benson, Esq.
Of this towne
Who departed this life
April the 30th Anno Dom.
Aged 88 years
As also the body of Mary
Relict of the said George
Who died November the 21st 1693"
BENSONHenry 1711 "Here lieth y Body of
Henry Benson
Died Jan ye 9th A.D. 1711
Aged 17"
BENSONMary 1693 See entry above
BENSONMary 1718"Here lyes ye Body of Sarah
Benson Daughter of George Benson Esq. and Mary his wife she
Departed this life September
the 24th Anno Domini
1718 Aged 70"
BROWNAlexander 1712"Alexander Brown 10 Dec. 1712"
CLARKEEliena 1830"Mrs Eliena Clarke relict of John Clarke , Draper, 13 Feb. 1830 aet 84"
CLARKEElizabeth 1699"Elizabeth his wife 10 Oct 1699"
CLARKEJoseph 1681"Mr Joseph Clarke 30 Mar 1681"
CLARKE John 1780"In Memory of
Mr John Clarke
who departed this Life
February the 5th 1780
Aged 40 years"
CUTHBERT Rebeccah 1727Rebeccah Cuthbert daughter of Will: and Rebec: Hastings
which said R: Cuthbert dyed April ye 16
A:D: 1727 aged near 70 years."
DAVIS Mary 1771"Here
Also lie the Remains of
Mrs Mary Davis
Relict of the said Mr Willm. Davis
who departed this Life July the 8th
1771 Aged 59 years (Baker records 39 years)
Thy that sow in Tears shall reap in Joy
Psalm 126 ver. 6"
DAVIS Thomas 1770"To the Memory of
Mr Thomas Davis
Son of Mr Willm. & Mrs Mary Davis
who died May the 31st 1770
Aged 19 years"
DAVIS William1765"Here
Lieth the Body of
Mr William Davis
who departed this Life
the 8th of May 1765 in the
77 year of his Age
Blessed are the Dead
whch Die in the Lord"
DAVIS William (junior)1769"To the Memory of
Mr William Davis Jun.
Who Died Aug. 24th 1769 Aged 20
Remember thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth"
EBURNE Josiah 1781"Here
Lie deposited the Remains of
Mr Josiah Eburne
who departed this Life
June 19th 1781
Aged 48 years"
FERMORHiero 1602"On the south wall of the chancel is a monument of alabaster, painted and gilt in the gaudy style so prevalent in the early part of the seventeenth century. In the centre under a double arch are small-sized figures of Jerome Fermor and his wife kneeling with elevated hands before a faldstool or desk: on each side is a Corinthian column with gilt capital, supporting an entablature over which, within a circle is, Ar. A fess S. between three lions' faces O. Beneath the figures:" (Baker)

"The memorial of Hiero Farmore Esq, & Jane his w heads erased G. Fermor, impaling S. a bend between two leopards' faces O. Beneath the figures:" (Baker)

"The memorial of Hiero Farmore Esq, & Jane his wife they lived together in Wedlock 42 years, and he attained to the honour of a Great Grand Uncle and after 74 years left this Life for a better Sepb. 7 A.D. 1602"

On collateral compartments below:

"Hierome thy joyes all shine on high
Thy faith & truth did shine before
Jane lived thine and will so die
All praise thy life Farmore."

"Terra subest pars parta mei, pars indita supra,
Terrea pars moritur, caelica pars superest,
Sed periit pars parva mei, pars maxima vivit,
Vilior ista iacet, sanctior ilia viget."
FLESHER Gilbert 1779In the middle aisle of the Chancel lies the vault of Mr & Mrs Flesher:

"October 1779 Aet 49
To the Memory of Gilbert Flesher
Late Draper and Woolstapler of this town Whose affection gained him the Love of his Family: Whose Industry acquired him A handsome Fortune: And whose Affability won him The Esteem of a numerous and Respectable Aquaintance.
Reader go thou and do likewise.
Interred in the Church Yard
Sophia Ob. 10th Sept. 1768 Gilbert 23rd July 1770
Charlotte 28th Aug. 1778
Infant children of G. & S. Flesher

Ann Flesher Spinster Died 21st Feb. 1828 Aged 51 Respected, benevolent And attentive to her religious duties and Sarah their daughter, wife of Thomas Perkins who died 1st Nov. 1790 aged 30. Sincere in Affection, Charity and Religion"
FLESHER Sarah 1806On north wall of chancel:

"This tablet is inscribed to the Memory of Sarah Flesher, relict of Gilbert Flesher Who departed this life Sept. 14 1806 aged 74. She lived respected and died lamented by her family whom her care protected and by the poor whom her bounty cheer'd she stretched out her hand to the poor; yea she reached forth her hands to the needy. Prov 31.20"
FREEMANAnn 1767"Here likewise are Interr'd
the Remains of
Mrs Ann Freeman
who departed this Life
Oct 5th 1767 Aged 20
Many daughters have done vertuously
But thou excellest them all
Pro.31 v.29"
GARTONJoseph 1855On south wall of chantry chapel:

In memory of
The Rev'd Joseph Garton,
M.A. Honorary Canon of Peterborough and for fourteen years vicar of this parish who departed this life on the
30th day of March, 1855
aged 59 years.
This tablet was erected as a testimony of respect and affection by the parishioners of Towcester.
GIBBS Ann 1807"Ann Gibbs spinster, daughter of Charles & Ann Gibbs 10 April, 1807 aet 82"
GOODCHILD Hannah 1779South aisle:

"In Memory of Mrs Hannah Goodchild
who died August 3rd 1779
Aged 74" (Baker records 71)
GOODCHILDJohn 1731"John Goodchild, currier, 10 Aug, 1731 aged 70"
GOODCHILD William 1749"Mr William Goodchild 3 Aug 1749 at 56"
HAND Thomas 1700"To The Memory of Mr Thomas Hand Late of Towcester
Mason who Departed this Life April ye 5th AD 1700
Aged about 42 years
Remember now thy Creator In the days of Thy Youth When the Evil Days come"
HASTINGSElizabeth 1722"Near this Monument lyeth the Body of
Eliz: daughter of Will: Hastings and
Wife of John Goodchild, who died
Feb: 6th A.D. 1722 Aged 70 years."
HASTINGSJohn 1698North vestry wall:

"Here Lyeth the body of
John Hastings Citizen
and Tallow chandler
to His Majesty. He was
one of the Masters of the
Hospital of Bridewell and Captain of the Malistia
Who Departed this Life
The 16 day of May, 1698
Aged 45 years"
HASTINGSMary 1686On a tablet of white marble between two Corinthian pillars supporting an open pediment, north vestry wall:

"Near this place Lieth the Body of
Mary Hastings wife of John Hastings
Citisen and Tallow Chandlour of London"
Who departed this Life the 28 day of
May 1686 and in the 32 year of her age."
HASTINGS Rebeccah 1693"And Rebeccah Mother of ye said
John who departed this life Octbr 1693
Aged 63 years."
HASTINGS Rebecca 1693"Here lyeth the Body of Rebecca Hastings wife of William Hastings who departed October 1693 Aged 63
HASTINGS William ??(Under a pew):

"of William Hastings and late wife of John Goodchild departed this Life Feb 16 Aged 70 years"
HASTINGS William 1713"Near to this Monument William,
Father of the said John Hastings
Was also buryed Octbr ye10: A : D 1713
Aged 84 years"
HENCHMAN William 1728On a black stone slab in the south chapel:

"Here lyes interred the Body of Mr William Henchman who departed this life June ye 6th in the year of our Lord 1728 in the 79th year of his age"
HODGESMarie 1759On south wall of chantry chapel a black marble tablet in a freestone frame:

"Mariae Hodges
Conjugis bene meritae,
Claudi potuit
Juxta Cineres
Annae Sindry Sororis predilectae,
Propter Vitae Virtutem
Singulari Prudentia munitae,
Vera Pietate ornatae.
In Patris Sinu
Obiit aeternam in Christo Vitum.
Jan 16 Anno 1759,
Aetat. Suae 30.
Hoc Marmor
Semper chara, semper honorandee
Pie posuit
Wickens Hodges"
HUTCHINSPhilip Frank 1955On north vestry wall:

"In loving memory of their dear son
Philip Frank Hutchins
Petrologist to the expeditions to Spitsbergen,
undertaken by Cambridge
University in 1949 and by Oxford and Cambridge Universities in 1951,
who died at Dar-Es-Salaam Tanganyika
on All Souls Day 2nd November 1955,
Aged 28 years.
The restoration of the organ was completed
by his parents."
JONES Elizabeth 1690"Here Lieth
The body of
Elizabeth Jones, wife of Thomas Jones of this Towne who died April 27th 1690
in the 68 yeare
of her Age"
KINGSTONEleanor 1737Middle chancel:

"Eleanor, wife of Thomas Kingston departed this life January 1737 Aged 52 years"
KINGSTONRobert 1788"Here lieth the Body of
Robert Kingston, who departed this Life
Feb. 12th 1788,
Aged 68
His virtues follow
and his Vices shun
Charles his son died
an infant
Charlotte Kingston
Aged 62"
KINGSTONRobert1792"Robert Kingston son of Robert & Charlotte Kingston buried 10 Oct. 1792
aged 26"
KINGSTONThomas 1806At the north end of the east wall, on a shield
Of white marble within a veined border: (Ref: Baker)

"In a Vault underneath
Are deposited the remains of Thomas Kingston.

Died 22 July A.D. 1806.
Aged 45 years.
Of Ann Kingston,
His second daughter,
Died 24 January, A.D. 1816
Aged 16 years
And of
Robert Thomas Kingston
His only son
Died 19 October A.D
Aged 23 years."
KIRBYCatherine??"Catherine Kirby, formerly Catherine Elliott, widow. Daughter of G. & S. Flesher Died 5th June; Aged 63 Unwearied in services of Charity"
KIRBYElizabeth 1815 See below
KIRBYJane 1805"Jane, w. of Mr Kirby attorney at law 21 Mar. 1805, aet 48"
KIRBYJane 1807 See below
KIRBYJohn 1824On south wall of chantry chapel an oblong tablet of white marble:

"Near this place
Lie the remains of
John Malsbury Kirby
Who died 21 June 1824
Aged 62 years
Also Jane
wife of John Malsbury Kirby
who died 24th March 1805
aged 47 years
Sarah, their daughter died 31 August 1803
Aged 16 years,
their daughter
died 25 April, 1807,
aged 18 years.
Mary their daughter,
died 23, march 1813
aged 16 years.
And Elizabeth,
Their daughter
Who died 21 November, 1815.
Aged 22 years ."
KIRBYMary 1813 See above
KIRBYSarah 1803 See above
LAWFORDMary 1771"Mary Lawford wife of Mr William and Mother of the Rev'd Robinson Lawford died October 20 1771 Aged 70"
LAWFORDPhoebe 1784"Mrs Phebe Lawford Wife of the Rev'd Mr Robinson Lawford.
Vicar of Easton departed this life
June 1st 1784
Aged 36 years"
LAWFORD Robinson 1795On a mural tablet of white marble - north wall north aisle:

"To the Memory of the
Rev Robinson Lawford
Rector of Bradden, Vicar of Easton, and several years Master Of the Grammar School In this town
Who departed this life; February 25th 1795
EAtat 61"
LAWFORDWilliam 1784"Mr William Lawford
departed this Life
April 1784 in 71
year of his age."
LOVELL John??The Lovell vault is near the steps to which the altar is approached.
MITCHELL Ann 1743"Here Lyeth the Body of Mrs Ann Mitchell Relict of Mr Edward Mitchell late of Souldern in the County of Oxford who departed this Life the 22nd day of May in the year of our Lord 1743 Aged 72 years"
MITCHELL John 1743"Here Lieth the Body of John Mitchell Gent 5th Son of Edwd. Mitchell and Anne his wife who died Aug 14th 1743 Aged 34 years"
OLDHAM Jacet 1741South aisle:

Jacet Gulielmi Oldham
Multi Flebilis

Occidit Nov. die 30
1741 Etat. Anno 40"
OLDHAM Will. 1774
"Mr Will. Oldham 30 Nov. 1774 aet 40"
PALMER M 1727Middle chancel:

"M. Palmer
Jul 23 A.D. 1727
Anno O AE tat 61
In Sepulc. Juxeta hoc Jaxu".
PERKINS John Stuart 1825"John Stuart Perkins, 10 Mar. 1825 aged 23
Thomas P. father of the above 25 Dec.1829 aged 65"
PERKINS Sarah 1790"And Sarah their Daughter, Wife of Thomas Perkins Who died 1 Nov 1790, aged 30 Sincere in Affection, Charity and Religion"
PERKINS Thomas 1829In the north chancel aisle the first flat stone is to the Perkins family, who lived at the Mill.
PHILIPS Mary 1803Mary the wife of
Edward Philips
And daughter of Nicholas White
and Margaret his wife who
Died 25th April 1803
Aged 26 years."
RATTNETT Anna 1731"To the Memory of Mrs Anna late wife of
Richard Ratnett in this
Town Gent which said Anna departed this Life
Oct. ye 11th A.D. 1731
Aged 75 years
for me to live is Christ
to dye is gain
Philip Ch. 1st ver.21"
RATTNETT Richard 1730South aisle

"To the Memory of
Richard Rattnett
of this Town Gent
who departed this Life
August the 3rd 1730
Aged 66

Blessed are the Dead who
die in the Lord"
RODD Christian See below
RODD Elizabeth "In Memory
of Elizabeth Ann and Francis
daughters of John Rodd, Vicar
of this Parish
and Christian his Wife
They died little Children
of such is the Kingdom of God
Mark ye 10 verse 4
RODD Francis See above
SABINCharlesi Heath 1831South wall Sponne's chapel on an oblong tablet of white marble, within a veined border:

"Memorie Sacrum
Charlesi Heath Sabin Chirurgi
(filii Edwardi Sabin)
cujus cineres
aeque ac cineres patris sui
juxta depositi sunt
mortem obit
die vicesimo quinto septembris
aetate 49
Bene amatus valde defletus"

Item Annae Sabin
Ejusdem Charlesi Viduae;
Quae mortem obiit
Die duodecimo Novembris 1868
annos nata tres et octoginta
et sepulta est in
coemeterio de Kensall green
SABINEdvardi 1818South wall Sponne's chapel, on a rectangular tablet of White marble, within a veined border:

Edvardi Sabin
Cujus cineres juxta sunt depositi
Obiit Sep Die 28
Anno Dom 1818
AEtat 67"
SINDRY Ann 1755On black slab on floor of Chantry Chapel:

"Here Lie Deposited the remains of
Ann Sindry Daughter of
Paul & Ann Sindry of this Town
who after a long and painful Illness
Supported with the most
Exemplary Patience and Perfect
Submission to the Divine Will Resigned this life for a better 11 May 1755, aet 28"
SINDRY Ann 1764"Here also lies Interr'd the Body of
Mrs Ann Sindry
Relict of Mr Paul Sindry
who departed this Life
the 11th of March 1764
Aged 67"
SINDRY Paul 1761"Here Likewise are interr'd the Remains of
Mr Paul Sindry
who died Oct. 30th 1761
Aged 64 years"
SMITH Elizabeth 1721Eliz. daughter of Mr Geo. Benson
and wife of Alex Smith was
Buryed May ye 4th A.D. 1721
Aged near 22 years
Though he me slay yet will I trust in him
Job. ch.12 ver.15"
SPONNEWilliam 1449On the wall at the foot of the tomb, in a wooden frame:

"In Memory of Mr Wm. Sponne Archdeacon of Norfolke
& Rector of Towcester who in the 29th year of King Henry the sixth gave the Talbot in Towcester with y lands belonging to it for y payment of y fifteens for y parish of Towcester
& the pavements being made good. Y remainder to be given to y poor at y discretion of y feoffees appointed to manage y same".

On a slab under the arch dividing the south aisle from the chancel and partially covered by Sponne's tomb:
"In a vault beneath this stone
Lie the remains of the Rev'd William Sponne
Archdeacon of Norfolk
Whose Monument was removed from this spot
In November 1835
To make room for the new pewing of the Church,
He died A. D. 1449"
THOMAS Sarah 1790Sarah Flesher, wife of Thomas Perkins who died 1st Nov. 1790 aged 30. Sincere in Affection, Charity and Religion"
TOWNSEND Sarah 1771"Mrs Sarah Townsend, 11 Nov 1771 aet 92"
WHITEMargaret 1804 See below
WHITENicholas 1798On a neat tablet of white marble edged with black - north aisle:

"Near This Tablet lie the remains of
Nicholas White (formerly of this parish)
who died 15th January 1798 Aged 57 years,
Also of Margaret,
Relict of Nicholas White,
Who died 19th May, 1804,
Aged 56 years.
Also of
Mary the wife of
Edward Philips
And daughter of Nicholas White
and Margaret his wife who
Died 25th April 1803
Aged 26 years."
WICKESSarah 1707On the east wall of the south porch is a square marble tablet:

"Near this wall on Y Other Side Is Interred the body of Sarah
Relict of Frances Wickes Late of Weston Favell
In this County Gent
Which said Sarah was born
at Towcester A.D. 1621
and buryed A.D. 1707
And Sarah dyed in a good old Age"
  1. "The History & Antiquities of the County of Northamptonshire" by George Baker VOL III London. Published by J.B.Nicholas & Son Parliament Street. 1836 (page 3 12-338).
  2. Monumental Inscriptions, W.Scott PRO Ref.ZA8011
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