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Tour of St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester

The West Window in the Tower

A modern window above the west door is in memory of Mrs Emily Moran of Codicote, Hertfordshire who died June 1968. This modern window is designed to be read from the top down, each light separately:

Made by Miss Agnes Charles of Codicote, Hertfordshire

A 1-6: God in Trinity flanked by angels and the redeemed [Seventh Day of Creation]
7 a: Creation of Adam;
6 a: Creation of Eve;
5 a: Paradise;
4 a: The Temptation;
3 a: God confronts Adam and Eve;
2 a: Expulsion from Paradise;
1 a: Adam delving and Eve spinning [Genesis 2:7-3:24]
7 b: First Day of Creation;
6 b: Second Day of Creation;
5 b: Third Day of Creation;
4 b: Fourth Day of Creation;
3 b: Fifth Day of Creation;
1-2b: Sixth Day of Creation [Genesis 1:1-31]
7 c: The Annunciation [Luke 1:26-31]
6 c: The Nativity [Luke 2:4-7];
5 c: The Baptism of Christ [Matthew 3:13-17];
4 c: The Transfiguration [Matthew 17:1-8];
3 c: The Crucifixion [Matthew 27: 33-44];
2 c: The Harrowing of Hell [I Peter 3:18-20];
1 c: Pentecost [Acts 2:1-4].
Historical Note

Mrs Emily Moran, of Codicote, Hertfordshire died in June 1968. Her husband, Mr B. J. Moran died in 1976. Before he died he commissioned his neighbour, Miss Agnes Charles, an artist, to make the window in memory of his wife. Mr Moran and Miss Charles met the former vicar of Towcester, Canon Douglas Curtis and his wife Susan while on a painting holiday in Greece. The offer of the window was made because Towcester needed a new window and there was already a lot of Miss Charles work in the Codicote Parish Church. It is not known if Mrs Moran had any connections with Towcester. The window was made in an applique method, a large sheet of glass with coloured glass stuck on top to make up the picture. Sadly, Mr Moran was not able to appreciate his final gift to his wife, he died in 1976, the window was dedicated by Dr Leslie Brown, former Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, in 1982.
West Window
West Window