Bird’s Cottage Gallery

Bird's Cottage 2000

Bird’s Cottage east side in 2000

Bird's Cottage 2017

Bird’s Cottage west side in 2017


Sawpit (covered) seen in 2000

West side 1994

West side and front door in 1994

Bird's Cottage & yard pre 1900

Bird’sCottage & yard pre 1900

Yard & thatched barn pre1900

Bird's Barn late 1800s

Yard with sawshed and wood workshop pre 1900

E side 1994

East side after reconstruction in 1994

N end 1994

North end after reconstruction in1994

Drawing of original timber frame

Bird's yard (now garden)

Bird’s yard (now garden)

Bird's Sawshed

Yard with sawshed & wood workshop c1970

South end of east side in 1994

South end of east side in 1994

Bird's & Swan Cottages c1970

Bird’s Cottage and Swan Cottage c1970

Roof timbers Bird's Cottage

Roof timbers seen during reconstruction

Ian Strang - Bird's & Swan Cottages

Drawing of Bird’s Cottage & Swan Cottage by Ian Strang c1940


The sawshed remained until 2000

South side after reconsruction in 1994

South side after reconsruction in 1994

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