The Homeless Corpse

This is a letter, which was written by the Rev H S Templer to the Bishop of Oxford. It was regarding the transfer of a body for burial from Nash and the authorities at Thornton. The Hon R Cavendish didn't want the burial to take place at the churchyard in Thornton because he had given land for the building of a church in Nash at this time. I believe the burial ground at Nash was consecrated in a hurry and the corpse was sent back to Nash. This is part of the on going war between the church authorities and the lord of the manor. See copy of letter below;

6th November 1858

My Dear Lord Bishop,

Perhaps I ought formally to inform your Lordship that I have this day refused interment at Thornton to a corpse brought from Nash for that purpose. It is a trial of strength between the Parish officers and myself, and I am threatened with suspension, and all the terrors of the Queens Bench.

I am sorry to say that it is their intention to keep the corpse unburied "pen dante lite"

I am my dear Lord Bishop

Your Lordships faith and obliged servant

H S Templer

Bishop of Oxford