This letter was about a court case revolving around Col. H. W. Harris
Oxford Record Office 08/02/05

16 March 1907 Yeomanry House,


Private and Confidential

Dear Sir,

You wish to have particulars respecting a recent dispute between the Rector and Squire of Thornton. It arose out of an attempted excise by the Rectors daughter of the claim of a right of way through a right of way in the pleasure gardens. Which Harris with much show of reason is not a public way in any sense and on a Sunday he stopped the Rectors daughter who was walking from Church with her bicycle for this a Summons was taken out but the Magistrates after a long hearing dismissed the Summons on the ground that the what was - - - - of might amount to a technical - - - - was done was in keeping of a claim of right etc.

Henry Small.