The East Window

East Window possibly made by Willliam Wailes of Newcastle-upon- Tyne c. 1850.

3-light window. Central light has standing figure of Christ as Saviour of the World, painted inscription below: SALVATOR MUNDI ; outer lights have ornamental patterns with almond-shaped medallion. In left medallion symbol of Christ-the-Lamb bearing a flag with the cross - in the right medallion a dove descending symbolising the Holy Spirit. In the quatrefoil at the head of the window a triangle symbolising the Trinity.

East window side panel. Note oak leaves and acorns which are around each panel. (The effects of the uses of borax can be seen on the right hand side border and other places.)

This picture shows the deterioration of the East window due to the use of borax in its manufacture. The use of this technique enabled the glass to be fired at a lower temperature - which saved money, but it was discovered too late that the borax did not fix the paint on the glass, so over time condensation has washed it off.
William Wailes (1809-1881) established firm in 1838
1840 Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
joined by son William Thomas (1836-1877)
1861 son-in-law Thomas Rankine Strang (1835-1899) became partner.

mark: 1) & 2) gothic monogram, some with date
3) sinuous W with cross patee fitched

Left: glazier's marks

William Wailes glazier's marks
William Wailes glazier's marks