The South Window
South Window

In the South aisle near the East end stained glass by Cox and Son, London, a two light window with stained scenes. In the left light Christ with the woman of Samaria at Jacob's Well (John Chap. 4 v.7.27) and in the right light the rising of Lazarus (John Chap.11 v. 1.44, painted inscription below to the left, WITH THEE IS THE WELL OF LIFE, right BEHOLD HOW MUCH HE LOVED HIM (John Chap. 11 v.36) in the head of the window three angels bearing scroll inscribed I SHALL GO TO HIM. Dedication of the window April 10th 1878 by Cecilia Lafayette Cavendish in memory of her husband.

Cox and son glazier's marks

Thomas Cox Snr (c1840-1873)
Edward Young Cox (son)
clerical tailoring firm of Cox & Son making ecclesiastical furniture by 1853 first stained glass window noted in c1860
c.1861 onwards 43-4 Maiden Lane, London;
from 1871 also 28-29 Southampton Street, London

Another window of the same period (1876), Grendon Underwood (Leonard), Bucks (north aisle, north west)

Left are the glazier's marks of the period.

Cox and son glazier's marks 2