Houses on the Estate

Home Farm
A Victorian farm house

Home Farm with view of buildings and cart shed on the left.

The new Thornton Hall. originally called Tyrrelcote Farm.
Was thought to be the dower house at one time.

The central part of the house was originally Tyrrelcote farm with parts added on after Col. H.W. Harris moved in after the sale of Thornton Hall on the 14th December 1917.

The south west side of the new Thornton Hall. This house was split up into 4 house units c1980.

These cottages near the Hall, which were possibly used by the staff, were restored in the1980s.

Thatched house with modern extension on the drive to the Hall.

The estate cottages opposite the School, built c1850.

The back of the school house converted from a thatched house to a slate roofed house. Note the brick built on the stone which changed the angle of the roof (thatched roofs had to be sharper angled so the rain could be run off more quickly). The schoolmaster's house (at the far end) was built 1st. The classroom was in the middle. A new room and a kitchen were added circa 1980.

The front of the Schoolmaster's house. Note the added brick wall on the upper half to take the new slate roof.

Old farm workers' cottages converted into new housing. It was extended with the stones being put upside down. It also had walls at each end which have since fallen down.

The back of the farmworker's cottages.

Cornerhouse on the Thornborough Road, taken c1900

One of two new houses built on the allotments.

The second new house built on the allotments.

Replacement house built for the farmworkers .

A new house just past the new farm workers cottages.

Crossbridge Cottages built c1900

Cottage converted from a Deer Shelter c1990

 New farm house built c1990

Gate house situated on the left side of the drive. This was built by the estate c1950 by Major Young to match the one on the other side.

Gate house situated on the left side of the drive. Both the gate houses seem to be copies of the one on Buckingham Road.

Langbridge Farmhouse newest part with double doors.

Langbridge Farm. Was converted into domestic buildings c1970 and has only about 2 Ac.of land left.

Langbridge Farm cattle yard.

Langbridge Farm old buildings.

New Tyrellcote Farm c1920