MS4 William Clodd and his wife Agnes, son William in Mass vestments and inscription 1474. (Brass now lost)

Sketch by Browne Willis from The Bodlian Library

Position in Church: Formerly in chancel, now lost.

Date made: 1474

Date recorded 1755, by Browne Willis.

Description: Figures of man in civil dress with pouch and rosary hanging from belt, wife in furred kirtle and 'horned' headdress, and son in Mass vestments, over an inscription plate.

Style: Probably London Workshop D.


Hic jacet Will(el(m(us) Clodd Agneta ux(or) ei(us) et d(omi)n(u)s Willelmus filius eorum, qui / quidem Will(el)mus pater Will(el)mi obiit decimo die mensis Aprilis anno / domini M CCCC lxxiiii quorum a(n)i(m)abus p(ro)picietur De(us) AMEN.


Here lie William Clodd, Agnes his wife, and Sir William their son, the which William, the father of William, died 10 April A.D. 1474; may God have mercy on their souls.

Script: Gothic minuscule.

Notes: William Clodd is recorded as 'priest of the Thornton Oratory' in 1494, i.e. serving the chantry founded for the souls of John and Isabel Barton. The brass was certainly lost before 1847, probably by 1800.

References: L.S.W. Bucks., 212-3; Lipscomb, Bucks., III, 120; M.B.S. Trans., XIII, 27 (from Bod. MS Willis XI, 189); R.H. Russell, 'The Monuments at Thornton, Bucks.' in Records of Bucks., VII, 52-60.