Sketch by Willis from The Bodlian Library

(MS7) George Ingylton (1493/4) and wife Sibyl

Position in Church: Formerly in chancel, brass now lost.

Date made: 1493/4.

Date recorded: 1755, by Browne Willis.

Description: Standing figures of man in armour, bare-headed, with left hand raised, right hand joined to that of wife, dressed in gown and mantle, with long cord fastening. A small shield, set at a slant, was somehow suspended at waist level from each figure; below them was an inscription plate. The head and shoulders of the wife's figure were lost before Willis made his drawing.

Style: London Workshop F.


Hic jacet Georgius Ingleton armiger D(omi)n(u)s de Thornton et D(omi)na Sibilla vidua / quondam uxor eius q(u)i quidem Georgius obiit xxvi die Januarii A(nn)o d(omi)ni M CCCC ....


Here lies George Ingleton, esquire, Lord of Thornton, and lady Sibilla, widow, once his wife, the which George died 26 January, A.D. 14--.

Script: Gothic minuscule.

Heraldry: Man's shield: Quarterly, i and iv, Argent, a chevron between three tuns sable, from the bunghole of each a flame issuing proper, on the chevron a molet for difference, INGLETON; ii, Argent, semy of crescents ..., a lion rampant ..., WANDESFORD, iii, Argent, three gryphons' heads erased and three crosslets fitchy azure, (?) an early form of INGLETON.

Wife's shield: Argent, a cross voided between four crosslets fitchee gules, BILLING.

Notes: This commemorates George, the surviving son and heir of Robert Ingleton, and his wife Sibyl, daughter of Thomas Billing, known to have died in 1494/5, leaving a child heir, Robert (the father of Jane, no II). The brass was certainly lost before 1847, probably by 1800.

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