John de Chastillon
Effigy of Fourteenth Centurrry Priest ?John de Chastillon
Fourteenth century stone effigy of tonsured priest, possibly John de Chastillon. The vestments he is shown wearing are to celebrate mass. The effigy was restored in 1994, on a new stone plinth. Used as a sleeper under a box pew (no. 6). Bits were chopped off for joists to rest on. All bits of stone were picked up from under the floor and replaced during conservation.

Before Thomas Sheppard's reordering there were known to have been two effegies of fourteenth century priests in the church. One was the Revd John de Chastillon (son of John who was Lord of the Manor), Rector from 1347 - 77, the other was his predecessor, Elias de Tingewick, Rector from 1315 - 47. Although the identity of this priest (seen here with his tonsured haircut, his loose fitting amice and his feet upon a lion) is uncertain, it is thought he is more likely to be John de Chastillon whose monument was still in the church when Browne Willis visited in 1735, whereas the monument of Elias appears to have gone by then.