Whilst working on the walls it was found there was nothing holding the outer wall and the inner wall together. On examination it was found that the infill had given way and so a proprietary grouting mixed in water had to be pumped into the hole to tie the inner and outer wall together. The hole indicates where the grout was pumped in.

South arcade roof being reboarded. The lead is being dressed to size to fit in between the battens, and then turned over the batten to make a waterproof seal. All the lead used is sand-cast lead 7 gauge. The yellow tools being used are new PVC 'dressers' (traditionally made from boxwood) to turn the lips of the lead up to fit the roof. The men are working under scaffolding-supported polythene (re-inforced with glass fibre to prevent rips). This allows work to be undertaken in all weather conditions - 2002.

Thornton Church. Roof Under wraps 2002

2001-2 Under wraps. Extremely good example of modern waterproof scaffolding over the church. This enables people to work in all weathers.