Memorial & Gravestone Inscriptons
by kind permission of Northamptonshire Family History Society

Index to Memorial & Gravestone Inscriptons

Descriptions, where necessary, are given in round brackets and stonemasons'
names are given in round brackets. Positions of stones are shown on the plan

(Memorial tablet on south wall below bell tower) Very dear wife of DEREK LAWSON of Passenham Manor, younger daughter of LORD HESKETH of Easton Neston, FLORA, 23 Feb. 1913 -15 Sept. 1970. "And have I heard her say, O cruell paine, And doth she know what mould her beautie beares?". DEREK 4 Oct.. 1907 -13 Mar. 1984. Much loved husband and father.
(Stone on the grave below wall-tablet, no. 1.) FLORA LAWSON 1913 -1970. DEREK LAWSON 1907 -1984 "Rest in Peace" (Footstone) F.L. D.L.
(Tablet on south wall of church) Near this place are deposited the remains of Mr. WILLIAM MATTHEWS, late of Passenham, Bucks., who died 2nd Novr. 1818 aged 67 years. Also of Mrs MARY DEVERELL, his daughter, who died 2nd June 1818 aged 31 years. "Earth repossesses part of what she gave, And the freed spirit mounts on wings of fire." "Fecit"
(Footstone propped against wall)) J. M. C. C. C.
(Old gravestone below wall tablet no. 3) Sacred to the memory of MARY MATTHEWS, relict of WILLIAM MATTHEWS, ********* Buckingham.
Numbers 6 to 17B are leaning against south wall of church.
In loving memory of ALICE MARTHA DUMBLETON, born June 28th 1913, died March 23rd 1993. JOHN ALLEN DUMBLETON, born July 26th 1907, died Nov. 23rd 1996.
In loving memory of FRANCES MABEL AUDEN, died 28th February 1989 aged 85 years.
OLIVER FORSTER BROWN M.B., B.S., dearly loved husband and father, 1926-1987.
In loving memory of FRANCIS RICHARD (ARCHIE) GRAVES, 1907 - 1985, and his beloved wife VIOLET ISABEL LYDIA GRAVES, 1911-1992.
EDWARD LESLIE ALCOCK, a dearly loved husband and father, 23rd Sept. 1984 aged 78 years.
In loving memory of EMMA WILLIS, 7th Nov. 1985, and LAWRENCE ALFRED WILLIS, 27th Feb. 1990 aged 80 years.
In loving memory of LAURA CONWAY, 10th Aug. 1983 aged 79 years, with her husband J. M. (CON) CONWAY, 17th Aug. 1984 aged 74 years.
REGINALD GEORGE PACKER died 13th June 1983 aged 73 years, beloved husband and father, and his wife GLADYS VERONICA PACKER died 28th May 1994 aged 87 years. "Re-united".
In loving memory of FLORENCE ELIZABETH GRACE, beloved wife of GEORGE, 8.10.12 -10.10.81 (1912-1981)
Treasured memories of VICTOR WILLIAM FREEMANTLE, 10th April 1889- 26th August 1976, and his beloved wife MARGARET ELLEN, 8th January 1907- 10th February 19%. "Always in our hearts."
H. W. (BILL) WORT, 20th January 1978, a loving husband and father. "Forever in our hearts."
PATRICK JOSEPH McBREEN, 19th Jan. 1954 - 10th Nov. 1978. Remembered with love by all his family.
J.C. 1820, B.C. 1825, M. C, J. C. 1*11, E.C.181* 17B) In loving memory of BERTHA MAY BARTON, died 31st Dec. 1994 aged 83 years.
(Tablet on church wall, above door to chancel) Ornate coat of arms surmounting the following:- ROBERTUS BANASTREIUS miles. "Quid retribuam tibi domine, pro omnibus beneficiis mihi datis. Anno Domini 1626". "Stulte hac nocte"
(Translation) ROBERT BANASTRE, soldier, (The first quotation is from Psalm 116, v.l2) "What shall I render unto the Lord, for all his benefits towards me?" AD 1626. (The second quotation, which appears to have been added later, is the first four words of St. Luke 12, v.20) "Thou fool, this night (thy soul shall be required of thee)"
In memory of ELIZABETH, wife of THOMAS CLARKE of Calverton, died Nov. 10th 1864 aged 54 years.
I.H.S. In loving memory of JAMES, son of JAMES & FRANCES M. A. COLEY, Hanger Lodge, who died Sep. 2 1899 aged 6 years 5 months.
"Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to thy cross I cling" I.H.S. In loving remembrance of SARAH BIGNELL who departed this life at Hanger Lodge March 13th 1895 in her 90th year. "Her end was peace". [R. Cowley]
"These ******* ********* me, The path of God". In memory of WILLIAM SAVAGE of Hanger Lodge who died Nov. 30th 1863, aged 67 years,
THOMAS WILLIAM MJDDLETON, born Jan. 18th 1868, died Feb. 10th 1870.
In loving memory of WILLIAM JAMES CHENNELLS 1833 - 1918. ELIZABETH CHENNELLS 1835 -1915. "Together"
R.I.P. In loving memory of SOPHIA ANNE, beloved wife of JOHN EDWIN TOWNSEND, daughter of the late RICHARD SCRIVENOR, died Good Friday 1922.
In loving memory of JOHN ATTWOOD REEVE who died August 24th 1912. Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died April 13th 1925.
In loving memory of ISAAC HOOKER, born May 25th 1817, died Feb. 5th 1*#9
In loving memory of our dear sister, EMMA GILES, who departed this life May 8 1919 aged 72 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace". ( Footstone) E. G. 1919 [Gurney, Wolvn.]
THOMAS FODDY, labourer, died June 1855 aged 62. He was a faithful and trusty servant to the Revd. LORAINE SMITH for 40 years.
MARY, the beloved wife of RICHARD SCRIVENER, born November 12th 1821, died May 24th 1874. "At evening time it shall be light".
ALICE MAUD MARY, the beloved child of RICHARD & MARY SCRIVENER, born January 18th 1867, died May 4th 1874. "Is it well with the child? It is well".
VICTORIA LOUISA, beloved child of RICHARD & MARY SCRIVENER, born July 3rd 1858, died April 10th 1874. "Thy will be done".
RICHARD SCRIVENER, born March 1 1813, died April 30 1879. "O Look thou upon m* and be* m**ful unto *ing."
I.H.S. In loving remembrance of ERNEST WILFRED, son of JOHN & ELIZABETH GILES, who died Sept. 28th 1880 aged 6 years & 5 months. "Suffer little children to come unto me" (Also footstone, possibly not in situ, near 37) E. W. G. 1880.
In affectionate remembrance of MARIA, the beloved wife of WILLIAM WEB, died January 20 1878 aged 57 years. "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest"
******* the beloved child of JAMES and MARY THOMAS, born April 15, died Nov. 6 1867. "Suffer little children to come unto me"
In memory of the Reverend JAMES THOMAS B.A., for many years principal of Trinity School in this parish, aged 76 years, and of MARY, his beloved wife, who died June 16th 1924 aged 87 years. "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."
In loving memory of WILLIAM JOHN NEWPORT FROST who fell asleep November 25 1926, aged 72 years. Also of CATHERINE, wife of the above, who fell asleep August 27 1925 aged 71 years. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away"
** memory of ARTHUR CAP**S ********************* aged 53. MARIA CAPE* wife of ***** ***** *** died Sep. 19th 1816 aged **. MARIA CAPES, daughter of the above, died Nov. 6th 1854 aged 15.
******** the memory of ARTHUR CAPES who died at Potters Pury March 25th 1811, aged ** JANE *OPUL** **** ** ***** daughter died ****** 10th 1851. Infants ****** of the above. ARTHUR, their son, died in his infancy.
In memory of SUSAN, the wife of THOMAS PAGE, died April 20 1902 aged 60 years. Also of THOMAS PAGE, died Feb. 15 1924 aged 82 years. Also of JANE PAGE, died March 3 1895 aged 78 years. Also of WILLIAM PAGE, died Oct. 2 1897 aged 80 years. [Pullen & Sons. Northampton]
In loving memory of CHARLES LESLIE CAVE, born January 18th 1929, died February 24th 1929.
In loving memory of EDITH MARY, wife of CHARLES H. CAVE, born Aug - 28-1882,diedMay-7-1918.
Sacred to the memory of MARY, the beloved wife of Mr JOHN LOE, who departed this life October 31 1816 aged 69 years.
****** ** the memory of ANTHONY CHIBNALLL, ******* Of CATHERINE CHIBNALL, *** departed this life March 9th 1811 aged (73 or 75) years.
******** the memory of CATHERINE, wife of ANTHONY CHIBNALL, who departed this life March 16th 1798 aged 19 years.
In memory of ANTHONY CHIBNALL, husband of MARY CHIBNALL, who departed this life Octbr. 12th 1830 aged 62 years.
In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM CHIBNALL, late of King Street Borough, who died Nov. 25th 1882 aged 87 years. "In the midst of life we are in death"
In affectionate remembrance of RICHARD CHIBNALL who died May 25th 1878 aged 64. Also of ELIZABETH his wife, who died July 3rd 1889 aged 82.
*rec*ed(?Erected) In memory of RICHARD CHIBNALL, late of Puxley in this parish, who died May 20 1814 aged 66 years and S*as ********** jys Wjf6) Who died Jan. 1 1879 aged 93 years. Also ELIZA, daughter of the above, died ******** ** 1881(?) aged 21 years.
To the memory of ALICE DICKTNS, wife of RICHARD JOSEPH DICKINS of Croydon Surrey, who departed this life May 5th 1820 aged ** years.
To the memory of CHARLES, the husband of ANN DICKINS, who died May 2 1816 aged (7?5) years.
To the memory of ANN DICKENS, the wife of CHARLES DICKENS, who died March 14 1851 aged 81 years. Also of THOMAS DICKENS, son of the above, who died in London Jan. 1 1830 aged 15 years.
Sacred to the memory of SARAH WOLFE (Reading, Berks) who died Janry. 22nd 1828, aged 64 years. Also of JOSEPH WOLF, Gent.(of Ewell: Surrey), husband of the above, who died August 1st 1835 aged 77 years.
Sacred to the memory of ELIZTH GREEN, wife of JOHN GREEN, who died March 28th 1829 aged 69 years. "Farewell affliction, grief and pain, Welcome ****** and bliss, Thank God that we shall live again, In such a world as this."
****** to the memory of JOHN GREEN, husband of ELIZTH GREEN, who died April the 3rd 1824 aged 69 years.
** memory of SARAH GREEN, daughter of JOHN & ELIZ GREEN, who departed this life Sep 25 1816 aged 21 years. (Four lines of verse - illegible)
In memory of MARY GREEN, daughter, of JOHN & ELIZ: GREEN, who departed this life March the (23?) 18*2 aged (13?) years
In memory of ELEANOR WALL, daughter of ROBERT & ELEANOR WALL, who departed this life April 21 1818 aged 11 years. In memory of WILLIAM WALL, son of ROBERT & ELEANOR WALL, who departed this life Jany. 25th 1811 aged (2?) years.
********** A c*RR* S*** who departed this life Feb. y* 21 1769 aged 78 years.
To the memory of THOMAS DICKINS, husband of ANN DICKINS, who died 13 September 181(2?) aged 71 years.
To the memory of ANN DICKINS, wife of THOMAS DICKINS, who died Oct. ye 4th 1799 aged (39 or 59) years
To the memory of CHARLOTTE DICKENS, daughter of THO*** *** **** ********, who died Feby. 10 1790 aged 20 years.
** memory of HENRY DICKINS, son of THOMAS *** **** DICKENS, who died (Feb?)y***( 1777?)
To the memory of HENRY, the son of JOHN & CHARLOTTE DICKENS, who died March 2nd 1813 aged 7 years & 5 months.
In memory of JOHN DICKINS, son of THOMAS & ANN DICKINS, who died ye 27th of Jan. 1767 aged ten years.
To the memory of RICHD RANDALL WOLFE, son of JOSPH. & SARAH WOLFE of Botolph Lane, London, who died August 1 1796 aged 16 months.
Sacred to the memory of CHARLOTTE DICKINS, wife of JOHN DICKINS, (late of Passenham) who died Jan. 15th 1838 in the 64th year of her age. Also JOHN DICKINS who died May 5th 1831 in the 78th year of his age.
In memory of ARTHUR, son of THOMAS & CHARLOTTE FRESHWATER, born January 5th, died April 19th 1811.
In memory of CHARLOTTE, wife of THOMAS FRESHWATER of Stony Stratford, died July 16 1871 aged 62. Also of THOMAS FRESHWATER, died May 7 1891 aged 84
In memory of WILLIAM WILCOX CARR who departed this life January 23 1851, aged 64 years. SARAH CARR, wife of the above, died March 18 1860 aged 72 years.
In memory of THOMAS DAY, late of Stony Stratford, died April 4th 186* aged 71. PRISCILLA DAY, sister of THOMAS DAY, died January 9 1878 aged 86.
Here lieth the body of ANN, wife of ISAIAH STEERE, (Rest illegible)
Here lieth body of ANN, the wife of JOHN CLARK*, who departed this life ye 28 of Novem. 1734 aged 59 years.
Here lieth ye body of MARY, wife of WILLIAM POULTE, who departed this life the 30th of June 1735 in the 30 year of her age.
Here lieth ye body of ANNE, wife of JOHN CAVES, who departed this life the 13 of March 1736 aged 38 years.
Here lyeth the body of S*R W*** of (rest illegible except for) aged 70 years.
In memory of RICHARD JOSEPH. He dy'd April ye 15th 1761 aged 51 years. Also MARY, ********* of RICHARD & SARAH(?) JOSEPH. She dy'd Novr. ye 17th 1760 aged 14 years.
In memory of CHARLES CLARKE, husband of (?HANNAH) CLARKE. He died April 7th 1750 aged 38 years.
In memory of WILLIAM CLARKE, son of CHARLES & HANNAH CLARKE, who died 7th of June (?1771) aged 24 years.
To the memory of HANNAH CLARKE, wife of CHARLES CLARKE, who died Oct. ye 26th 1781 aged 66 years. Also ELISABETH, daughter of CHARLES and HANNAH CLARKE, who died (Jan?) ye 18 1781 aged 13 years.
To perpetuate the memory of WILLIAM CLARKE of Denshanger, son of ELIZABETH CLARKE, late of Stony Stratford, who died April ye 1* 1791 aged 58 years.
** memory of JOHN CLARKE, late of Denshanger, who died Jan. ye (?15) 1802
In ************** ELIZABETH CLARKE, wife of JOHN CLARKE, who died May ye 1 1802 **** (?3) years.
Sacred to the memory of JOHN CLARKE (of Denshanger) who departed this life January 14th 1837, aged 69 years. Also of SUSANNA, wife of the above, who departed this life October 24th 1870 aged 85 years. Also of CATHERINE CLARKE who died April 11th 1837, aged 28 years, and FRANCIS CLARKE who died May 11th 1845, aged 27 years - daughter and son of the above.
I.H.S. In loving memory of ELIZABETH CLARKE who died November 10th 1864, aged 54 years. Also of THOMAS CLARKE, husband of the above, who died January 28th 1892 aged 79 years. "Thy will be done"
Sacred to the memory of ANN MEACHAM, wife of THOS MEACHAM, who departed this life June 18th 1836 aged 81 years. Also THOS MEACHAM who departed this life March 9th 1839, aged 71 years.
In memory of JOHN SWANNELL who dyed ye 19th of May 1714, aged 75 years. "In aged years death took him suddenly, And landed him then into Eternity. You that read this marker and consider, How soon thou time will be thou canst not tell"
Near this stone lie the remains of Mr JOHN CLARKE who departed this life the 17th of July ye A.D. 1709 in the 65th year of his age. Also of Mrs SARAH CLARKE, relict of the above Mr JOHN CLARKE, who departed this life the 5th of Novbr. A. D. 172* aged 60 years.
To the memory of Mr. WILLIAM CLARKE, late of Old Stratford, son of Mr. JOHN CLARKE. He died the 10th of April 1754 aged 68 years.
In memory of Mrs ELEANOR CLARKE, wife of Mr WILL CLARKE, late of Old Stratford. She died Dec. 9th 1761 aged ** years. "A good Christian" Also of GATT, son of FR**N & MARY CLARKE of Stony Stratford, died an infant.
To the memory of WILLIAM CLARKE who died January ye 11th 1787, aged 72 years. Also of STEPHEN, son of the above, aged 10 years.
To perpetuate the memory of ELIZABETH CLARKE, relict of WILLIAM CLARKE, Gent., who died the 5 Feb. 1801 aged 80 years.
To perpetuate the memory of Mrs MARY CLARKE, wife of Mr FRIN CLARKE of Stony Stratford, who died Novemr. 8th 1783 aged 69 years.
To perpetuate the memory of Mr FRANS CLARKE, Gent., husb. of Mrs MARY CLARKE late of Stony Stratford, who died May 6th 1789 aged 72 years.
To the memory of JOHN CLARKE, the youngest son of JOHN & SUSANNA CLARKE, who died Decbr. 15th 1827 aged 5 years and 6 months.
To the memory of ANN CLARKE, fourth daughter of J & S CLARKE, who died 11th Septr. 1830 aged 16 years. "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit." Luke 28. Part of 16 verse.
To the memory of JNO. F. CLARKE, son of WM. & ELIZ. CLARKE, who died 21st May 1853. Also CATHERINE CLARKE died Jany. 12th 1839.
In memory of SARAH, wife of WILLM ANDREWS, who died July 22 1853 aged 63 years. Also of WILLIAM, husband of the above, who died Jan. 16th 1873 aged 77 years.
Sacred to the memory of MILDRED SLEATH, the beloved wife of WILLIAM REEVE, who died June 18th 1879 aged 56 years. "Thy will be done"
In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM REEVE who died June 17th 1885, aged 63 years. "In the midst of life we are in death"
I.H.S. In loving memory of ROBERT ROGERS who died December 16th 1888, aged 86 years. Also of ELIZA, wife of the above, who died October 12th 1896 aged 85 years. "Lord all pitying, Jesu blest, Grant them thine eternal rest"
Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM REEVE of this parish who departed this life 15 July 18*7, aged 71 years. Also of ANN, wife of the above, who died Jan. 28 1879 aged 84 years.
Sacred to the memory of THOMAS REEVE, son of WILLM. and ANN REEVE, who departed this life 27th March 1840.
Numbers 105) to 161) are a line of headstones and footstones that have been removed from their original positions
and are leaning against the east wall of the churchyard.
MARY FAULT** died Anno Do. 1735
M. G. 1802
*. T. 1791
*.D. 1815
E.T. 1787
A. D. 1799
C.D. 1816
*. *. 1799
W.H. 1837
S.W. ,J.W.
A. S. 1724
A.F. 1811
R. W. 1796
A. C. 1811
*. D. 1767
Here lieth the body of ? STEEL CLARKE (Four lines of illegible letters) 1701
J.T, 1852, M.T. 1858
PATRICIA, beloved wife of HARRY HAMMER and mother of RICHARD PETER MICHAEL, died 9 June 1962.
J. C. 1709, S. C. 1728
C. D. 1838, J. D. 1851
E. C. 1801
M. C. ****
A. M. 1836, T. M. 1839
**re I***** *******n of ANNE, d**ghtr of CHARLES ** HANAH CLARKE, who departed this life the 3rd of May 1739 aged one year.
E. C. 1802
J.&G. 1824
R.R. 1888, RR. 1896
J.L. 1818
E. C. 1864, T. C. 1892
M. S. R. 1879
SUSANNA BURD, wife of THOMAS BURD, clerk of this parish, died March 19th 18(75)3 aged 65 years.
JOHN TRAVELL died Nov. 15th 1852 aged 74. MARY TRAVELL died Feb. 16th 1858 aged 75. "I am the resurrection and the life." John XI25
** memory of ELIZABETH, daughter of JOHN ****** ****** ********; died January ye 29th 1787.
la memory of ANN DICKENS ****** *** GEORGE DICKENS
In memory of JAMES, the beloved son of JAMES ********n)DS of Deanshanger, who departed this life after **************** On the 21st of February (71818) aged 1 years and 1 months. "Weep not for me if ye loved **** ye would rejoice because I am going unto my Father." "Set your affections on things above and not on things on the earth"
Here lieth ye body of MARY, the wife of EDWARD WEST, who died May 19 1724 aged (?27)
To the memory of Mr. BENJAMIN ANNIS(?) late of Shrob Lodge. He died July 23rd 1772 aged 69 years.
Here l*eth ye body of EDWARD WEST, y* husband of MARY WEST, who departed this life Aug. ye 20 1731 aged 71.
Here lieth the body of ROBERT, ye son of EDMUND & SARAH JACKSON, who departed this life ye 25 of June 1695 aged 14 years.
Here lieth the body of SARAH, the wife of EDMUND JACKSON, who departed this life the 27th of July 1722 in the 80th year of her age.
Here lieth the body of EDMUND JACKSON who departed this life the 1 of March 1723 aged 74 years.
To the memory of SARAH PERKINS who died Septr. 30th 1822, aged 6 years. Also WILLIAM PERKINS who died Novr. 9 1822 aged 25 years.
In memory of JOHN LITTLEFORD and ELISABETH his wife. He dy'd August ye 21 17(756) aged 59 years. She dy'd Octr. ye 13th 1755 aged 65 years.
Here lieth ye body of SUSANNAH JOYCE, wife of RICHARD JOYCE. She dep'd this life Feby. the 25 1731/2 in ye 24 year of her age. "Dear friends weep not for me ***** you offered, *** **** your heart for to mend, (Remainder illegible)
Sacred to the memory of the Revd LORAINE LORAINE SMITH L.L.B., Rector of this parish from 1812 to 1857, died May 20 1857 aged 73. Sacred to the memory of ISABELLA CHARLOTTE LORAINE, widow of LORAINE LORAINE SMITH, died March 22 1870 aged 81.
**** lieth the body ** **IZABETH WARD, the wife ** THOMAS WARD, who dy'd August the 2* 17*5 aged 63 years of her age.
Here lieth ye body of JOSEPH JARVIS. He died July the 25th 1738 aged 72 years. (Plus four lines illegible)
To the memory of THOMAS JOSEPH and MARY his wife. ** dy'd April ye 7 1724 age 47 years. ** dy'd Jan. ye 30 1735 aged 85 years. **** BENJAMIN their son dy'd in Sepr. 1719.
In memory of ****** , wife of JOHN ******, daughter of EDMUND & SARAH JACKSON. She dy'd ye 12th of May 1760 aged 26 years.
In memory of SARAH B**SON ********* ********** she died ye ***** (71771) aged 66 years.
To the memory of three children, sons of (Rest of stone buried)
( Box tomb) JAMES SMITH obit Augt. 7th 1720 aged 55 years. SUSANNAH his wife obit Octr, 17th 1731 aged 58 years. THOMAS SMITH, son of the above, obit Octr. 15th 1762 aged 53 years. DRYDEN SMITH, second son, ** March 9th 1770 aged 69 years. THOMAS SMITH, son of DRYDEN SMITH, obit April 3rd 1811 aged 69 years. "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 16. vlO. (Panel at Chancel end) "Resurgam. I shall rise, Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you that God should raise the dead? Acts 26 + 8" (Panel at the other end) "Memento Mori. Remember death. Your Fathers, where are they? And the prophets, do they live for ever? Zachariah. 1st + 5."
S.C. 1816
MARGARET ELIZABETH LAWSON, the beloved and loving wife of FREDERICK HALFORD LAWSON, Rector of this parish, born June 29th 1864; died February 21st, 1924, "Give rest, O Lord, to thy servant". Also of FREDERICK HALFORD LAWSON, born November 15th 1865, died May 15th 1947.
Erected to the memory of JAMES CLARE who died on April 14 1829 *g*d *6. ELIZABETH CLARE, wife of JAMES CLARE, died May 17 18**. MARY ANN CLARE ********** ************ ************ ELIZABETH ************
Erected to the memory of SAMUEL CLARE who departed this life September 21 1816 aged 59 years.
To the memory of WILLIAM JAMES CLARE, son of JAMES and ELIZ. CLARE, who died Novr. 19th 1810 aged 15 years.
I.H.S. In loving memory of ELIZABETH WEBB, died March 31st 1914 aged 87 years. "Peace, perfect Peace." Also of WILLIAM WEBB, husband of the above, died Nover. 12th 1916 aged 89 years. "So he giveth his beloved sleep"
( Box tomb) (Panel facing the church) In Memoriam. MARY BATTAMS, the beloved wife of JAMES WILLIAM BATTAMS, died Jan. 15 (1873 or 1875) aged 50. (Plus 2 lines illegible) (Panel facing rear wall of churchyard) In Memoriam. JAMES WILLIAM BATTAMS died June 30 1864 aged 47. "So he bringeth them unto their desired haven. Ps. ** vii. v30.
To the memory of GEORGE TAYLOR, husband of ANN TAYLOR, who departed this life Jan. 9th 1795 aged 59 years.
To the memory of ANN, wife of GEORGE TAYLOR, who departed this life June 20th 1823 aged 68 years.
To the memory of JOHN GREAVES who departed this life June 16th 1837 in the 74th year of *** ***
(Illegible except for )** this life. October 16 1711
****** ** the memory of AARON, the husband of SARAH (?MARY) (?HILL)f who died Sept. (?2) **00 aged (?59). Also CATHERINE, the ******* wife of AARON, died Novr. 7 1791 aged ** years. ELIZ, their daughter, died in her infancy.
To the memory of HARRIOT CLARKE, daughter of JOHN & ANN CLARKE, who died this ? March 26 17** in the eighteenth year of her age.
Mr. RICHD DICKENS departed this life January 3d 1800 aged (rest of stone buried)
** memory of SUSANN*, wife of WILLIAM DICKINS, who died ye 5 of January 1735 aged 33 years.
In memory of THOMAS DICKINS ******* **SARAH DICKINS. He died Sept. ye 6 1770 aged 56 years.
In memory of WILLIAM DICKINS, son of THOS & ****** DICKENS, who died Sept. ** 18 1737 aged 32 years.
In memory of JOHN DICKINS, son of THOS & MARY DICKINS, who died April 11 1799 aged 63 years.
In memory of THO. DICKINS and MARY his wife. *** dyed May 29 1752 aged *9 years. ** **** ******* 1758
In memory of MARY, wife of THOMAS DICKINS, Sen. She died ye 16 of July 1741 aged 64 years.
In memory of MARY, daughter of THOMAS DICKINS, Path., & MARY his wife. She died ye 4 of April 1743 aged 9 months.
In memory of SARAH DICKINS, wife of (Rest of stone buried)
THOMAS DICKENS husband of MARY DICKENS. He died May 22nd 1756
*** ******* ** MARY DICKENS *** died ** **** 1789 aged (?56) years..
Here lieth the body of DANIEL ALLEN who departed this life the 16th day of November 1683 *****. A Benefactor to the poore.
** ***ory of WILLIAM DICKENS, husband of (?ANN) DICKENS, who departed this life February ** (Remainder illegible)
To the memory of MARY DICKINS, daughter of WILLM. & ANN DICKINS, who died April ye 9th 1777 aged * years.
To the memory of ANN DICKINS, wife of WILLIAM DICKINS, who died Janry. ye ** 1790 **** (?4)0 years.
To the memory of JOYCE CLARKE, daughter of ****** CLARKE, (Remainder illegible except for) aged (?51) years.
EMELY GATES died 23rd of June 1841 hi the 12th year of her age. To whose memory this stone is erected by her lamenting parents, GEORGE & MARY ANN GATES of Passenham Mill.
In very loving memory of GEORGE MARIE CAPELL, Rector of this parish for 44 years, son of the Hona'le ADOLPHUS CAPELL. Born 11 Jan. 1845, died 28 Jan. 1915. "The spirit shall return to God who gave it"
In loving memory of ALBERT FULLER, died 8th June 1982 in his 88th year, and his wife ELSIE, died 6th Feb. 1971 aged 64 years.
Treasured memories of a dear husband and father, SYDNEY NEWPORT FROST, died 3rd October 1970 aged 74 years. "Peace." And his beloved wife DORIS, died 22nd September 1974 aged 78 years. "Re-united"
In loving memory of KAY MARY EASTER, a beloved wife and mother, 8th May 1910 - 14th October 1973. And her husband, WILLIAM ELMER EASTER, 1st November 1905 - 9th March 1993. (Footstone) K.M.E. 1910 -1973. W.E.E. 1905 - 1993.
In loving memory of my dear wife, DORIS GLADYS HENNESSEY, born 24.5.1923, died 18.8.1978.
In cherished memory of a dearly loved wife and mother, CATHERINE DOROTHY IDA HILL, 13 Aug. 1901-18 Feb. 1979. WILLIAM HILL, 2 Jan. 1897 - 3 Aug. 1987. Loving parents and grandparents. (Footstone) C.D.I.H. 1979. W.H. 1987
In loving memory of ELEANOR MARY CASE, a beloved wife and mother, 11th Oct. 1911,30th Sept. 1979. (Footstone) E.M.C. 1911-1979
In loving memory of PHYLISMcNEIL 1923-1981. (Footstone) P.McN.
In memory of my loving wife LEE HALL, 21 st January 1908,14th March 1989. And her loving husband HAROLD ARTHUR JOHN, 3rd October 1905, 13th April 1990. "Reunited" (Footstones) L. H. 1908 - 1989. H. A. J. H. 1905 - 1990
In loving memory of THOMAS BYAM GROUNDS (of Passenham Manor), born Jan. 8 1842, died Feb. 15 1916. And of his wife JOANNA LOUISA BYAM GROUNDS, born March 1 184(0 or 6), died Feb. 22 1917. "Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light"
In loving memory of "Jackie" Lieut. Col. NOEL BARWICK CHARLES BYAM GROUNDS, the Kings Regiment. Born Passenham Manor Oct. 23 1880, died Sherington Sept. 14 1956. "For of such is the Kingdom of God". St. Luke 19 v 16. And his wife EVANGELINE MARY BRANDFORD BYAM-GROUNDS, born Hildenborough, Tonbridge, 15th January 1888, died at Freshwater, I.O.W.28th November 1972.


Restorations and alterations have been carried out at various times in the church's history and several of these are recorded on memorials. The nave of the church was re-roofed and the chancel rebuilt and beautified by Sir ROBERT BANISTRE in 1626-8, with elaborate choir-stalls and murals. By the mid-20th Century the church had fallen into disrepair and the murals had been hidden for over 200 years. In 1956, having been advised by Sir Frank Markham, work was started to restore the chancel and when the Jacobean choir-stalls were being re-erected signs of the murals were noticed and these were then carefully uncovered and reconstructed. Finally the barrel-vault roof was restored. The cost was largely covered by the efforts and generosity of Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Derek Lawson, who came to live at the Manor in 1952, helped by a grant of £1000 from the Pilgrim Trust towards the restoration of the choir-stalls. The two restorations are recorded on memorial tablets in the chancel, near the murals, which depict the four major Old Testament prophets on the north wall, the four Evangelists on the south wall, and Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus on either side of the east window. All have Latin inscriptions beneath them.

The position of each memorial is described before the inscription.

C1) (On a wooden shield on the wall inside the church entrance) CHARLES, Lord Viscount MAYNARD, Lord of this Manor, substantially repaired and beautified this fair chancel hi the year of our Lord 1772.

C2) (Through the double doors into the body of the church. On the left wall above the enclosed pews. A white stone tablet) Within a vault in the adjoining churchyard are deposited the mortal remains of the Revd LORAINE LORAINE SMITH, L.L.B., Magistrate for the Counties of Northampton and Buckingham, and Rector of this Parish for forty five years. He died the 20th of May 1857 aged 73 years. Instigated by his own good taste and from a grateful feeling to his esteemed patron, CHARLES, Viscount MAYNARD, he considerably enlarged and ornamented the Rectory House and grounds and improved the Church and Churchyard. This tablet is erected to his memory by ISABELLA CHARLOTTE, his affectionate widow, who also lies in the same vault, having closed a life of loving self-denial on March 22nd 1870, aged 81 years.

C3) (White stone tablet surmounted by armorial shield which in turn is surmounted by a gilded model of a stag. On wall buttress to the left of the entrance to the chancel) The Revd RICHARD FORESTER M.A. Rector of this church and youngest son of PULTER RESTER of the county of Hertford Esqr, died April 19th 1769 aged 42. This Monument was erected by order of his eldest brother PULTER FORESTER D.D.

C4) (Lettering on the wall of the chancel contained in black painted panels at the base of the murals.)

(North wall) ROBERTUS BANASTREIUS, miles, hanc sacram sdem (ad laude dei) propriis sumptibus condidit, aetatis suae an'o 56, Anoq Domini 1626.

(Translation)ROBERT BANASTRE, knight, rebuilt this holy place (to the Glory of God) at his own expense in the 56th year of his age, AD 1626.. (South wall) MCMLVI- MCMLXVI Tectum et subsellia huius aedis refecerunt et tabellas murales recussas in pristinam speciem redegerunt, adiuuarite (?) inter alios Pilgrim Trust, DEDERICUS et FLORA LAWSON, LAURENTIUS BAND, CIIVUS ROUSE, ANNA BALANTYNE.

(Translation)1956-l966. LAWRENCE BAND, CLIVE ROUSE and ANN BALLANTYNE restored the roof and choir-stalls of this church and returned the damaged murals to their former condition (the cost being met by) DEREK and FLORA LAWSON together with, among others, the Pilgrim Trust.

C5) (Brass plates on two portable wrought iron flower stands in the chancel near to the altar) To the beloved memory of EDITH TOWNSEND.

C6) (Stone slab in floor next to the north wall to the right of the altar facing the pews. Badly worn) R. 1.1769

C7) (Stone slab in the floor next to the choir stalls against the north wall between the stalls and the altar) CHARLES LORAINE SMITH, an infant, July 1824. Sors tua quam felix. Brevior qui cursas ad astra nulla pericla tibi, tasdia nulla vice.

(Translation) How lucky is your lot. ) You whose journey to heaven is too short (will be exposed to ) neither danger nor weariness.

C8) (Metal plate screwed to the floor to the right of the altar facing the pews) Here lyeth the bodie of a religious & most vertuous gentlewoman named ANNA PYGOTT, y* youngest daughter of THOMAS PYGOTT of Dodershull, Esquier, wife to WILLIAM CARPENTER, now of Denshanger in this p'ish, who had by her saide husband six children viz: RICHARD, WILLIAM, THOMAS, MARY, ANTHONIE & ELIZABETH and she died of her seventh childe: this gentlewoman was of worshipfull byrth yet of most humble and lowlye behaviour to all persons, alwayes readye & most forward to comfort & cherrish ye sick or any in necessitie, daylie releevinge ye poore to her power most liberally & as she lived religiouslye and in the feare of God so she died the comfortable & most faithfull servant & child of God, and in the true faith & love of Christ & most co'fortable feeling and assurance of her salvation in Jesus her savio'r. She departed this life the xv th day of February 1611 and now her soule is in heaven in eternall glory and is partaker of the everlasting happiness. "Such a life. Such a death."

C9) (Stone slab in floor to left of altar facing pews) M. S. Hie jace Reverendus Vir ANTONTUS TRYE a stirpe generosa Glocestr. Hujus ecclesiae per annos XLV, pastor fidelis et indefessus. Ecclesiaeque Anglicanae filius obsequens, pugil acer. Erga Deum ac proximum aeque plus. Cujus pectus, domus, manus, egenis semper patebant qui vivere et bene facere. Defuit A AE LXXIX. A. D. MDCCI. Die Aug*. XXXI. Marito optime merito posuit morens vidua.

(Translation) "To the sacred soul." Here lies the Reverend ANTHONY TRYE, gent., from a noble Gloucestershire family. For 45 years he was a faithful and untiring pastor of this church. And of the Anglican church he was an obedient son and a keen champion. Towards God and his neighbour he was equally dutiful. His heart, home and hands would always be accessible to the poor (showing how) to live and act well. He died in his 79th year on the 31st day of August 1701. His grieving widow placed (this memorial) to her husband who well deserved it.

C10) (Black slab in the floor next to the south wall to the left of the altar) Here lieth ye body of Sr ROBT BANASTRE Kt who departed ys life ye 15th of Decemr Anno 1649.

C11) (Tablet on the south wall in front of the pews) To the glory of God and in memory of Major SAMUEL HOWARD EDWARDS, South African pioneer, explorer and soldier, a frequent worshipper hi this church. Born 17th November 1827, died 21st June 1922 at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This tablet, a tribute to a beloved brother and much valued friend, is placed here by JAMIE EDWARDS, his sister, and ANNIE CAPELL and her children, formerly of Passenham Rectory. "The Eternal God was his refuge"

C12) (A white tablet on a grey tablet on the south wall above the pews) I.H.S. The remains of JOHN HEY D.D. are deposited in the burying ground of St. John's chapel in the parish of St. Marylebone, London; in which parish he died 17th March 1815, aged 80. This tablet, a grateful tribute of respect to his memory -Alas! How imperfect a testimony of affection and esteem!- is raised and inscribed by the EARL OF CLARENDON and VISCOUNT MAYNARD and by some of the parishioners of Passenham, the place of his residence and ministry for 32 years and, surely not an unprofitable memorial, if it may chance to revive the remembrance of his advice, or excite an additional sigh of gratitude and regret to departed worth - to that pure and benign spirit, so long, so wisely, and so amiably assiduous in the most scrupulous discharge of every pastoral duty.

[Henry Westmacott, London]

C13) (Brass coloured plaque in the shape of a Salvation Army shield on the south wall under the gallery) To the Glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of her brother THOMAS DAY, late of Stony Stratford, and as a grateful memorial of the goodness of God, the east window in this church was erected by PRISCILLA DAY, Anno Domini 1867.

C14) (Brass coloured tablet enclosed in grey marble surround) To the Glory of God and in ever loving memory of ARTHUR GEORGE CONINSBY CAPELL, (Captain 58th Regt), killed in action at Neuve Chapelle March 12th 1915 in his 36th year. "Thy way not mine, O Lord". This tablet is erected by is devoted wife, Phyllis. [W. Bainbridge Reynolds, Londini, Fecit]

C15) (List of charities on gallery frontage behind the pews and facing the altar along the complete length of the church)

ANTHONY CARPENTER. Houses and land situate in Denshanger; (viz): VII houses near the bridge over the turnpike road, an allotment of land, situate in the West field, made on the Inclosure of Denshanger, for cottage rights, etc. containing 2a 2r Op and now constituting part of the close called JARVIS'S charity. By deed dated 16th December, 17th Charles 1st, A.D. 1642. The rent to be distributed every Monday after Mid Lent Sunday to 20 poor families resident in Denshanger and the precincts and liberties thereof. Trustees to be elected as occasion requires and in manner directed by the said deed. DANIEL ALLEN (called JARVIS'S charity) Houses and land, situate in Denshanger: (viz): Three houses devised by will and two purchased with money arising from the Estate, and an allotment of land, situate in the said field, called West field, containing 1 la Or. Ip. By will dated 10th October: 1683. The annual rent to be given to the poor of Denshanger at large. Trustees - the Rector and churchwardens of the parish for the time being.

JOHN SWANNELL Fifty shillings a year, issuing out of a messuage and orchard, or close of pasture ground, situate in Denshanger, now the property and in the occupation of JOHN TRAVELL. By will dated 12th March, 1707. For teaching poor children of Denshanger to write and read. Trustees - the Rector, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of Denshanger for the time being. THOMAS NICOLL A rent charge of £1 2s 8d issuing out of land in Denshanger, now the property of WILLIAM GOLB Y and ROBERT WALL. By will dated 15th August, 1726. For bread, to be given every Easter Monday, to twenty-four ancient poor people of the town or village of Denshanger that constantly go to church to hear Divine Service. Trustees - The Rector, churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish for the tune being. EDWARD WHITTON The interest £114 12s 3d invested in the Old South Sea Annuities amounting to £3 8s 8d per annum. By will dated 18th December. 1766. To be given in bread every January 5th to such poor persons as do not receive alms or collection from the parish. Trustees - The Rector and churchwardens of the parish for the time being.

C16) (Framed notice in the bell tower)

The bells of St. Guthlac's Church, Passenham. Treble - Sacta Maria ora pro nobis 1350
2 - RICHARD CHANDLER made me!711
3 - BARTHOLOMEW ATTON made me!624
4 - A truzty frende yz harde to fynde!585
Tenor - This bell the gift of Sir ROBERT BANASTRE was recast at the expense of Sir CHARLES, Viscount MAYNARD, and the parishioners. The Revd LORRAINE LORRAINE SMITH, Rector. "Gloria Deo in Excelsis." An. Dom1817

C17) (Stone slab in the floor between the metal plate in memory of ANNA PYGOTT and the window in the end wall of the chancel) To the memory of the Rev ** JENKINSON Rector of this parish: with his wife ****************** aged (?70) years. He died June 22,1762. ******

C18) (Stone slab in the floor under the alter and its carpet) GULIELMUS LEONARDUS MACKDOWALL lafans Obiit Xber 25 1713. ELIZABETH MACKDOWALL A dutyfull and pious child fell asleep on May ye 24 1720 aged about 15 years. "Lord, let us die the death of the Innocent and let our latter end be like hers"

C19) (Stone slab under the altar and its carpet in a central position) Here lyeth the body of Mrs MARY PARGITER, daughter of Mr THOMAS PARGITER, who departed this life the 12th day of March 1694/5 aetatis suae 20.

C20) (Stone slab under the alter and its carpet to the left of that of Mary Pargiter) Here lyeth the body of ANTHONY TRYE Gent the sone of ANTHONY TRYE Gent who departed this life the 16th day of May 1698.

C21) (Grey stone slab under the carpet in central position approaching the altar step) The Rev. LORAINE SMITH gave this font Anno Dom 1834.

C22) (Tablet and bust on the wall of the chancel to the left of the altar facing the pews) Memoriae sacrum. Sr ROBERT BANASTRE Kt borne at Wem in ye countie of Sallop, Bred up in ye court where hee served 3 princes in places eminent. A man prudent, charitable & very industrious, he built & beautified this faire chancell where his bodie is interred. Hee had 3 wives & severall children. By his last one onely daught' married to ye Right Honourable ye Lord MAYNERD by whom he had ye Manner Cot. Hee died ye 15 of December 1649 aged about 80.