Programme 2017


Meetings first Thursday in the month, 8 o’ clock Yardley Gobion Village Hall (near the Coffee Pot Inn) except for outside visits, £1 members, £2 non-members (Membership only £5 for the year)

Programme for 2017

5th Jan         Bletchley Park–a less publicised insight into the owners of the Victorian mansion, their lifestyles, their connections and the development of the 500 acre Edwardian estate. Moving forward to 1938 Philomena identifies why part of that estate was saved from the bulldozer by the Head of MI6 and how it became home to one of the intelligence service’s most secret weapons.  Philomena Liggins

2nd Feb        Northamptonshire Victorian inventors and inventions-an illustrated talk looking at the good, bad and mad inventors and inventions in the county.           Jon –Paul Carr

2nd March    The Battle of Northampton 1264 –the story of the battle and why Northampton did not have a university for another 700 years.        Mike Ingram

6th April       Local History evening   50 years of Hesketh Road and Eastfield Crescent estates.

4th May        The Living Archive Band        

1st June           TBA

3rd June       Festival of Transport

6th July         Outing to Stoke Bruerne

No meeting in August

7th Sept         Sweet Memories- but don’t get me started on wagon wheels   Kevin Varty

5th Oct           The Last Naval Hero The Battle of Jutland, the greatest naval battle in history which took place in the North Sea 100 years ago. It was then and afterwards that David, 1st Earl Beatty, rose to immense fame and lived and played amongst us here.        Roy Smart

2nd Nov          AGM

7th Dec          Christmas get together 

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