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Edward Browne 1679

IIn The name of god Amen The ffive and Twenthith day of July in the Thirtyth yeare of our Soveraigne Lord King Charles the Second the Last will and testament of Edward Browne of Yardley goboon in the Countie of Northampton beinge of good and parfet memory and beinge minded to settle thinges in order doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme ffolowing first I Commend my soule to god who gave it me trusting in the death and Merits of my lord and saviour Jesus Christ my Redeamer to be saved my bodie to be buries by my Executors hereafter named in potter pery Church yard by my Mother and for my worldly goods which god hath lent me I give and bequeith as foloweth viz: I give to my son Thomas Browne and to his Heirs forever all the ffree Land my ffree Land whatsoever and wher Ever it Lyes I give and bequeith to my said son Thomas Browne my garner in the hall Chamber and my Ark in the same Roome and the Two Hutts in the parlow Chamber and the joyne Bed I Bought of Mrs Bayle and the Little Bed the Children ly in and the hut in the same Roome and the ffurnise and the great dough Chiver [keiver] And the Two Barells one Called Ratley the other Godfery and the salting Trough one little Coffer my wrightings be in my Malt mill my Table in the Hall and the ffaleing Table More I doe give unto my said son Thomas Browne my Horse Mangers Racks and Chaff Howse and the Caffold in the stable with all the Cart and plow timber that illeg and all the stalls and standreds in the Cowhouse and all the Moundes both Outward and Inward belongeing to the Out Howses or yard and all the Timber both postes side strukes and over layers of all the Hoveles belonge to the grownd or yard and the Borded Threshing fflower [floor] in the Barne and all the dores dore postes and gates and gateposts in or belongeing to the yarde and all my wareing Cloath my Two Best Laders and my Roles and my gig and all that belonges to it and the Benches and screenes in ye hall and parlow and my Bible and all the wood upon the Hovels Excepting graine I give more to my said son Thomas Browne one Acre of wheat one Acre of Barley and Two Acres of pease from the Land I Bought of onkell Woodward if it shall be growing upon the grownd if not it be belong in to the Barne then Twelve Bushells of wheat Two bushels of Barley Twelve Bushells of pease in Loue of it it is my will and minde that my said son shall have Twelve Munthes of time aftter my desease to take and Carie a way with Cartes and Horses all the goods and Crops I have by this will given him

Item I give and bequith to my Daughter Jane Browne the summe of Three score poundes to be paid unto hir at the Age of one and Twenty yeares old by my Executor and Executrix hereafter named and it is my will and minde that my son Thomas Browne have nothinge to doe with my said daughter so long as my wife lives … Overseeing d.ett or Charges but after the … of hir Mother is my will shee shall have House Roome and the use of the fire with my son Thomas if she Keepe hir selfe and six

and it is my minde and will that my Executor pay the one halfe being Thirty poundes and my Executrix pay the other halfe beinge Thirtie poundes and my said daughter Jane Browne where after hir mothers desease to have the use of the said Two thirtie pounds paide hir for and Towards hir Maytinance by my said Executor and by my said Executrix until she my said daughter shall Arive to the Age of Twenty and one yeares old and it is my will and minde that so long as my wife lives that if my wife lives untill my said daughter be one and Twenty she shall live with hir Mother and have no use of hir money but if my wife Jane Browne should depart this life before my said daughter Arive to be at Age then my will is she have House Roome and the use of the fire in my sons Howse and the use of hir Money to Mayntayne hir with untill she shall be at Age I give more to my said daughter Jane Browne the Best Hilynge I Bought this and the ffeatherbed Tick I bought this yeare and one Bedstid John Brittin made in the Hall Chamber and Two Chests one Bought at Boughton fair the other John Brittin made and the Round Table and frame in the parlow and the Cubbord in the hall and one Bedsid I bought of Tho Scott and the Bigest Kettle and Two of the Best pewter plattors Item I give unto my son: Thomas Browne the lesser Coverlet I Bought this year he paying to my daughter Elizabeth Snoxcell Eight shillings I give to my said son Thomas Browne the Ten all the Money due upon younger Richard Tomes his Bond

I give to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of John Snoxcell the sum of ffive shillings and ffive shillinges apeice to hir Two Children John and Susan Snoxcell

I give to my daughter in Law Ann Browne the some ffive shillings and to my son Thomas his ffive Children John Browne, Edward Browne, Martha Browne, Mary Browne and Ann Browne and I ffive shillings apece

I give unto my sister Alce Winmill ffive shillings and to Margarett Smith my neice the daughter of John Smith ffive shillings to be paide them Six Mounth after my desease I give to Ten poore widdowes of Yardley Twelve pence a peice to be paid them within Three Mounth after my deseace by my Executor and Executrix and ffarther my will and minde is if my daughter Jane Browne should die or depart this life before shee shall come to the Age of one and twenty yeares old then the Three score poundes given hir fforty pounds of it I give to my son Thomas Browne and Twenty poundes I give to my daughter Elizabeth Snoxcell

all the R Item I give to my wife Jane Browne all my Beding lining and wollan Brase and all other Howsold goode whatsoever that I have not given and bequithed allredy to my son Thomas Browne and my daughter Jane Browne to be at hir disposing

all the Rest and Residue of my whole Estate both goods and Chattles not here in given and bequithed my debts Legasies and funeral Charges beinge fayfully paide by by Executor and Executrix I give and bequith to my son Thomas Browne and to my Loving wife Jane Browne making and ordayneinge them Both my my onley and sole Executors of this my last will and testament Revokeing all former wills by me hertofore made I doe Apoynt my son in Law John Snoxcell and my Cozen Christo Harris to be overseeres of this my will and give them Two shillinges and Six pence a piece to by them gloves In Wittnes whereof I have here unto sett my hand and seale

Edw: Browne

Signed sealed published and declared to be the Last Will and Testament of Edward Browne in presence of

Cuthbert Scrivener

Elizabeth Harris

Xpoher: Harris

Al[i]ce Hoorton

Richard Nicoll

Probate 16th September 1727

France Stanier A.M. Surrogate

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