Will of John Juffes 1692


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John Juffes 1692

To all Cristian people to Whom Theese precents may Conferne Know ye that I John Juffes of Yardley gobion in the parrish of poters purey in ye Countey of Northampton Being weack in Body but of perfet memory blesed be good doe make this my last wille in maner following: I Commend my sole to god and my bodey tog.. duste hoping for mercey thro the merits of Jesus Christe our Lorde and my will is and I doe make my soone John Juffes my heire and doe give unto him and his heires forever my house in Yardley that I now live in with the land it stands uppon and on other Roode in the same furlong they biing by estimation for three Roodes bee they more or les I doe by thees presents give to my soon John with all privileges and profits ther unto belonging or appertaininge my will is furder that he shall not enJoy this house or land solong as my wife his mother liveth: with out her Consent I doe give to my soon Edward Juffes the sum of ten pound of lawfull money of England to be paid to him within on Year after the death of my wife his mother and that this said sum of ten pounds to bee paid by my soon John above named and if hee shall Refuse to pay ye same then it shall bee lawfull for my overseers heare after to bee named to sell the house and land and … and to pay my soon Edward above named his ten pounds and to give what Remaines to my son John my sun Edward havng ye fust refuseing all of yt at twenty pound or paying his brother John ten pound I doe give and beeqoueth all my personall goods moovabble quick and dead to my Loveing Wife Margerit Juffes whom I doe make my full exrex I trickes and doeleave all with her my dets and finurall Charges paide I: doe Revok all former Willes by me made and doe apointe and Chuse John Brittaine iunor and Joseph Brittaine to be Overseers of this my will and If aney Word or Words doe seeme dubius or hard to be understood in this my Will they shall be left to ye determination of these my overseers allredey named and aney Conserned in this my Will shall have nobenifit of it till they are willing to stand to ye de[ter]mination of those my overseers: to the truth of this I have sette my hand and sealle this sixt day of iuly in ye yeare of Our Lord God 1691 and in ye thurd yeare of our maiesties Rines King William and queen Marey sined and sealed in ye presence of us

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