Will of Richard Scott 1665


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Richard Scott 1665

In the Name of God Amen I Richard Scott of Yardley Gobion in the parish of potterspurie in the Countie of Northampton husbandman being Sick in bodie but of A perfect memorie Blessed be the lord for it I doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme as followeth that is first I Commend my Soule into the hands of Allmightie god trusting in the merits of Jesus Christ for the remission of all my Sinnes and I give my worldly goods as followeth

I give and bequeath my lease to my Eldest Sunn Richard Scott after my wifes desses (decease) and if it shall happen that my Sunn Richard depart this life before he be possessed of my forsaid lease then I bequeath my said lease to my Sunn Josia Scott he paying ten pounds to my eldest Sune Richard his Sune Richard when he shall Come to the age of on and twentie yeares and if my grandchild shall die before the foresaid legasie is due that then I give the foresaid legasie of ten pounds to my Sun Richard his Child or children

I give and bequeath to my Sun Josiah Scott the Sum of ten pounds when he shall Com to the age of on and twentie years

I give and bequeath to my dafter dalce the like Sum of ten pounds when shee shall com to lik age of on and twentie years

I give to my foresaid Sune Richard Scott fortie shillings a yeare soe longe as my lease lasteth

I give and bequeath to my dafter Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Battoms the Sum of five shillings

I give and bequeath to Joan my dafter the wife of Thomas harris the Sum of five shillings

My will is that nothing be stired in the stable or Cowhouse by my Executor and that the inward mounds and all the houell posts and sidestrakes for houeles be left by my Executor

my will is that my best Joyn bed in the chamber over the hall and the bed in the parler and the Cubberd in the hall and the maltmill and Salting trough be standers to the hous and if my Sun Richard comes to be possessed of the foresaid standers then he shall give his best bed to my dafter a Alice Scott and his best Cubberd to my sun Josiah Scott

I give to my Sun Richard the best kettle and after my wives desese and the all the Rest of my Brace [Brass] and peater [pewter] to alce to my Sun Josiah and my dafter Alice to be Equally devided between them after my wives deses and I doe apoint my wif wife to be Executor of this my last will and I give to her all the of rest of my goods that yet I have not given and bequeathed my dets and legacies and finerall discharged

and my will is that if my wife live three yeares after my deses that then shee shall paie half the legacies which I have given and if she live Six yeares then to pay the all forsaid leagacies but if she die befor three yeares be Expired then my Sun Richard shall paie all the leagacies and if she die before Six yeares be Expired then he shall paie but half of the forsaid legaties and if my Sun Josiah shall ever be Posest of my leas he sha pay and I doe apoint Edward Browne and John haris to be overseers of this my last will and testament and hereunto I have enterchangablelie set my hand and Seale the 13 of this instant apprill 1665

Richard Scott

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us

John Harris

Edw: Browne

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