Will of Richard Scott 1685


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Richard Scott 1685

In the Name of god Amen this sixt day of ffebruary anno dim 1677 the Last will and Testament of Richard Scott of yardley goboon in the parish of Potters Pury in the Countie of Northampton shoemaker being sick and weak in Bodie but of good and parfit memorie praysed be god for it and knowing the unsertinti of this Life I doe herby make my last will and testament first I give and bequeith my soule to god who gave it me for my worldly goods which god hath give me I give and bequeith in manner and fforme ffolowing first I give and bequeith to my Nephew Thomas Scott and to his son Thomas Scott and to his son Henry Scott each of them Twelve pence a peice to be paid by my Executrix hereafter named within one mounth after my desease I give unto my Brother Henry Scott the sum of Two shillings and Six pence to be paid within one mounth after my desease all the Rest and Residue of my Estate both goods and Chatles not herein bequeithed I give and bequeith unto my well beloved wife Ann Scott whom I make my full and sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament as wittnes my hand and Seale

Richard Scot

Wittnes Xopher Harris

John Harris

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