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This is the first city centre exhibition displaying the outcomes of Milton Keynes Heritage Association’s Learning Triangle Project which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project is designed to bring together MKHA members with their local schools to produce heritage-based material under the guidance of the project’s Leaning Co-ordinator. This display is the result of the first three collaborations with local schools.

Bury Lawn School and The Woburn Sands Collection

The initial project undertaken was a history of Bury Lawn School, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of when Renee Soskin originally bought the school.

The students involved were aged between 11 and 16 and worked hard to find old pupils (through a variety of social networking sites), and then compile and send out questionnaires asking people about their recollections and memories.

MKHA member, Paul Cox of the Woburn Sands Collection was instrumental in offering information and images of the school as it was before it moved to Stantonbury and even volunteered to be interviewed as a past pupil.

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Green Park School Newport Pagnell

Green Park School – school children, Year 3 and 4 pupils (aged 7 – 9) worked with Newport Pagnell Historical Society to produce a series of exhibition panels depicting historical places and buildings.

They were given the task of researching 9 buildings of their choice. They looked at photographs of the town dating back to the turn of the last century. The children then went out on walks to find out about the buildings and to photograph and draw the ones that interested them. The children had to write about the selected buildings in less than 150 words which involved careful thought about what should be written and what information should be used.

Don Hurst of Newport Pagnell Historical Society helped by providing early photos of Newport Pagnell and joining one of the walks.

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Willen Primary School and Willen Hospice

Willen Heritage Walk involved children from Willen Primary school working with local residents and carers at Willen Hospice to produce a Heritage Trail leaflet for carers to find out about the area around Willen. It was decided that a trail leaflet should be produced so that people could go out at any time with a handy reference to guide them to places of local and heritage interest. Eleven pupils (aged 10 and 11) from the school volunteered to take part in the project. The children first had to decide where they wanted the walk to go and which landmarks they wanted to include. This was quite tricky because they had to take into account the fact that some people might be in wheelchairs.