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Kingsmead Wood
Kingsmead Wood, sometimes referred to as Kingsmead Spinney, is an area of some 5.5 acres of woodland adjacent to Guildford Avenue (the wiggly road).
As part of the development of Kingsmead South the wood has been preserved as an amenity area and 'tamed' somewhat by the introduction of a series of metalled footpaths and, eventually, foot bridges over the stream.
According to the environmental survey carried out as part of the outline planning application the area is probably home to badgers, great crested newts and a variety of bat species as well as many birds.
It is an area of mixed, native, deciduous woodland, mainly Oak and Ash with a stream running through it and, until recently, was almost impenetrable due to the nettles and dense undergrowth.
Whilst not yet finished, the Wood is already a little haven of peace and tranquillity, the traffic noise from the V1 and A421 drowned by the bird song. So why not pay it a visit before the peace is shattered by the developer's machinery! Just walk along Guildford Avenue (avoiding the traffic!) and take the new path off to the right just past the first bend, before the recently erected fence.
To the west of the wood is an area which has already been landscaped. If you can navigate the stream and don't mind clambering over a bit of unmade ground you can then walk towards the western edge of Kingsmead and the junction with the North Bucks Way. Best done on a dry day though, and at week end to avoid the construction traffic.
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One scene separated by six months - left: May 2007, right: November 2007. Note the appearance of a bridge!